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  1. mjohn47

    Seaplane Add-On?

    Anybody get their seaplane rating? I'm thinking about maybe taking a vacation up to Alaska or Washington to get my seaplane rating summer 2010. It looks like a hell of a lot of fun!
  2. mjohn47

    When is Payday for FAA employees?

    Hey, when's the next pay day? I'm trying to figure out when I'm gonna get my first paycheck from the good ole Faa...
  3. mjohn47

    Area Placement at Center

    Just curious, how do they determine what area you'll start off at once you get to your facility? Is it simply by what area needs some people? And do you stay at one area until mgmt tells you to move or do you actually check out at the whole facility to make CPC?
  4. mjohn47

    2/10 AT Basics

    Hey guys I just got my FOL in an e-mail today. Anyone else get the Feb. 10th basics class?
  5. mjohn47

    Large Dog Apartments???

    Anybody know of any apartment complexes that allow large breed dogs?? I've noticed all the FAA Approved allow small dogs, but my black lab sure as hell ain't small...
  6. mjohn47

    Feb 10th Basics/March 19th Enroute Initial Quals

    Sooo I've been calling up OKC for the past few days and finally got in touch with my HR contact. She was able to put me in the Feb 10th Basics and March 19th Initial Qualifications for Enroute. And I'm going to ZNY. Anybody else get this yet??? Matt
  7. mjohn47

    Stuck Mic ILS Lesson

    Found this on a blog who found it via Stuck Mic ILS Lesson This instructor needs to stop yelling during his lesson - and I wonder how he made out with the F-Bomb?? hehehe My favorite, "No - Don't look at me just watch" lol
  8. mjohn47


    Hey everybody, I'm thinking about getting LASIK done in the near future. According to the FAA rules for pilots, as long as my post op is good and I can still meet the vision req I'm good to fly. Now since the medical is the same for pilots as controllers, would the same apply? Anyone have LASIK...
  9. mjohn47

    Hey from NY

    What's going on? Just got a letter a few fridays ago to expect ZNY. Local NY-er/pilot/wannabeatc. Been reading for the past week or so figured I'd finally get around to introducing myself ;-)