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  1. Adam354

    Lumosity brain training

    What's yall's BPI? Mine is 1266, but I plan on upping it higher. If you haven't done it, you have to progress in levels before you can get the high scores. Also what is your strength and weakness? My high point is attention and my low point is memory. I'd like to attempt to compare the...
  2. Adam354

    Atc game

    Has anyone played the ATC game online? How do you know when to turn those suckers? It seems like a lot of guesswork to me. I have no ATC experience if you can't tell. I'm hoping it gets more complex in later levels. :lurk:
  3. Adam354

    Law enforcement

    Well I might have 3-4 years till I get hired. So I have some time to work as law enforcement, which is what I was considering before ATC. My question is, I wonder if I get turned down for LE, if that would look bad, and show up on a security clearance or something? Hmm.. Anyone know anyone...
  4. Adam354

    How many VRA are in job pool?

    OTS and CTI peeps are really interested in how many VRA there are or might be in the job pool, or will be next year etc... Please provide some insight into this or how we could find this information. For ex. how many ATC's does the military employ? Someone said 800 in VRA pool right now...
  5. Adam354

    Amended close date?

    Yesterday the close date for was 9/30. This morning it was ammended to 2/26. This is for the listed ATC Trainee job. also... under applications it says I don't have one. I have...
  6. Adam354

    Veterans Preference

    +5 points, what does it really mean?
  7. Adam354

    Can I get in?

    Sounds like security clearance won't be a problem.