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  1. brettjeep18

    October Panel TOLs

    Larry you would go to a center
  2. brettjeep18

    Staffing in Nevada

    Re: Nevada? I heard LAS only takes transfers...but yeah thatd be awesome
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    11/19/10 Terminal

    That is the most screwed up sad thing ive seen in a while. Its amazing to me that you can still be positive. Im betting it will turn out better for you in the long run some how. Take it easy but i def think the FAA owes the next immediate class date to you when you get done with everything.
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    Post up your results

    no way only 40 that doesnt even seem worth there time to do if they're only gonna do that many
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    Results from Oct Panels

    paying school loans suckkkkkks. especially loans from ur pilots license....... if you cant defer because of school dont defer them and pay interest on interest my friend did that and he is never gonna pay it off.:diggin:
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    Referral List Updates

    On my App for CTO it has a vacancy filled for VA but then it generated another list for VA like an hour later so im still on one. check and see if they generated another and put you on it.
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    Referral List

    VA and PA for CTO
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    October hiring panels

    There needs to be a new thread for referrral lists....:)
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    CTO certificate

    Beaver no longer gives out CTOs my class was the last class that got them. You still must complete the same training but they dont give out the CTOs anymore.
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    Jobs while waiting on the FAA?

    Operations Manager for Payless Car Rental at PIT. I get a company car they pay for gas and cell phone def a good deal till i get picked up.
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    hey could you share that email address to HR with me i applied CTO and will be applying CTI in a...

    hey could you share that email address to HR with me i applied CTO and will be applying CTI in a couple weeks when i finish my pilots license
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    March 2010 panels

    Re: March Panels Is the email for the HR office the that they have to ask for more information on the announcement?
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    Amended close date?

    Yeah CTO is back to 2/26 wonder if they are gonna change it back again. I got all excited the other day and they did haha
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    Amended close date?

    i just went on to check it again and they changed it back to close 9/30/10 WTF???
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    So let me get this straight...

    Yeah thats how it works... You also have to figure that they remove your application from the process when they send an offer out to you and if you decline it they then have to place it back in. And that can take longer and give them another chance to mess up your paperwork... The best bet now...
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    Amended close date?

    This seems like good news considering now new people will be in another bid and hopefully the FAA will have everyone who applied in these bids through the process or at least with tols before opening another bid.
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    Enroute or Terminal at CCBC (Beaver County)

    I graduated from CCBC December 15 2009. I went the terminal route. You need to ask yourself which one you are more interested in. Terminal you will be in the control tower controlling real traffic at KBVI "small airport but a decent amount of traffic because of pilot training". Enroute you will...