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  1. jalvis81

    Just got a class date!

    Just got off the phone from the HR rep... and sure enough... headed to OKC August 12th!! Im CTI so no basics for me. Finally, after graduating last May I have a date!
  2. jalvis81

    Where are my drug test results?!?!

    Ok so i recieved my TOL on Jan 26 of this year. I called Oklahoma City and found out that the only thing they are waiting on are my drug test results....WTF!! This should be the first thing to clear!! How does it take 4 months and STILL no drug test results?? Anyways, I figure if i can follow...
  3. jalvis81

    Where in the process are October '09 panel selectees?

    Figured I'd fire one up for the people who were picked up in the October 2009 panels. I'm curious to see where others are at in the process. I know one person that graduated in my CTI class already has a class date for July 2010. I think there is someone else here on stuckmic who I saw already...
  4. jalvis81

    People that "failed" the MMPI...

    I was wondering how long after you took the MMPI that you recieved word you need a re-evaluation. I took it early February, so I'm going on a month and a half without hearing anything. I've heard no news is good news concerning that, and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed, but I was still...
  5. jalvis81

    Tri Cities, TN - TRI

    I got selected for Tri-Cities, TN from the November panels... Level 6 Tower/Approach Control. Wondering if anyone has any info on it. Thanks.
  6. jalvis81

    I got the email!!!!

    just checked it, it says is that i was selected for TN.... GOOD LUCK TO ALL!!!!!!!! Im interviewing at the Birmingham Control Tower Traditional, does this mean Im going to a terminal?????
  7. jalvis81

    Any apartments without dog breed restrictions?

    Well Im doing a little advanced research and trying to see if anyone knows of any OKC apartments that will allow a doberman...?? I know some places only have weight restrictions, others have breed restrictions AND weight limits, so Im just trying to find somewhere that would allow this dog if...
  8. jalvis81

    Dysplastic Nevi

    Dr. Orsak, I have had 2 dysplastic nevi cut off, biopsied and surgically excised in the past year (pathology reports came back showing clear margins around the excision), and was just wondering if this will pose any problem of attaining the ATC medical clearance. I have also had 3 normal but...
  9. jalvis81

    GA and TN for next selection panel?

    Well, I finally narrowed my states down and turned them in. 1. GA 2. TN. Me being a May CTI grad/93.8 ATSAT/Private Pilot Im hoping I can nail Atlanta Center. I figure if they are full/backlogged w/ trainees etc or whatnot then Memphis Center will prolly pick me up... (I figure w/ the FAAs...
  10. jalvis81

    Level 12 traffic workload

    So I was curious as to how many planes a center controller at a level 12 facility usually has under his control on average.. I've always been kind of curious. Are we talking like 10 at once? 20? I know it varies but I just wanted to get an idea. Thanks guys.