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    Cpc/tol/anything poll

    ok...the pregnant one is bored cant sleep and has no brownies{i blame lunchbox, its his fault} I in my blatantly bored state have created a poll to see where the majority of our stuckmic members are....cpc, waiting on an academy date etc.... you can all guess what i picked right? i should have...
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    ASAP Application System

    FAA ASAP - Applicant Online Application System - ATC ASAP To apply with the FAA for an ATC position. Create an account on the FAA's ASAP page. You can submit the majority of all your FAA Applications online through this system instead of having to deal with the old mail and fax system. You...
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    How to become an Air Traffic Controller

    Here is a basic overview and all the steps as you go along in the process. There are many ways of becoming an air traffic controller. Primarily you must apply directly to the FAA. From there, there are many roads to get to the application process. 1-Apply to an annoucement on the ASAP system...
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    METAR - SPECI Observations

    what in the hell are metar speci, what do they stand for and are they some type of mean alien chinchilla things?
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    who is left from the pubnat ots crowd??

    so here being my sad pathetic story, I have applied to all pubnats{except 3}....i was offered an interview for ZDC, which i declined and blah blah blah.... so who is left of the pubnat applicant crowd that applied to pubnat 7? passed over again for 5 & 6, 7 is my last shot....oh well...
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    Mmpi info i found

    check out this link, I thought it was very interesting,1,MINNESOTA MULTIPHASIC PERSONALITY INVENTORY
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    Member of the Month profile...taking suggestions

    Okay, pending final approval from our illustrious forum owner, every month I will be picking one stuckmic member to interview and see what makes them tick... I thought it would be interesting to find out more about the people who either have the career we are looking to get into or those on...
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    Boeing VS Airbus...

    I had mentioned to a friend that I would think it would be awesome to fly in an A380 one which he replied he will never fly in anything that is put together with composite and spit.... ok so will the experienced pilots tell me what thats about? do you guys feel that there is a...
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    Rose wants to learn about maintenance!

    learn me something about being a maintenance tech....what do you have to learn, what are the requirements etc....planes dont fly without you guys keeping them in order and atc would have no planes to manage either....
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    yo mods...say hi!

    yo mods...say hi!...and something else! dont laugh at me but i just realized no one knows who the hell most of the mods and admin are....ok so guys take a minute to say hello....that way we all know who to not piss off in the
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    Suggestions thread

    figured i'd start this and the admins can make it a sticky.... i suggested an interactive housing map and i'd like to start a member of the month thread...every month i'd "interview" a stuckmic member to see what makes them tick...or whats makes them just plain
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    anyone get an AT-SAT EMAIL?

    so has anyone heard from Robinson aviation yet on your at-sat scheduling?
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    atc's_ whats your typical day like?

    just wondering what a regular day in the "office" is like, even you developmentals, i want to know what your day is like, tower, enroute, up/down....spill it.....
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    current atc's-introduce yourselves!

    okay so all of the atc groupies{me included} need to shut up for a minute....will our ACTUAL air traffic controllers please introduce yourself to us all here and tell us how long you've been on the job and where you work....
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    atc applicant poll

    okay so out of the people who are registered here on s/m, what is your status as an applicant? specifically im looking for all the people who applied to ANY atc application since jan 2008 whether it be rmc, vra etc....if you applied vra cti AND ots, then choose i applied as more than one type of...
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    The winner is opie!!!!..damn it...

    ……….....……..… Ref List ...Offers liandrajade….. 21-Apr ...30-May usothrowed.… 23-Apr ...14-May titans83…….... 17-Apr ...8-May irishcarbomb. 20-Apr ...11-May mbalunda…... 17-Apr ...12-May niagra19……... 22-Apr ...14-May BigBOSS…..… 17-Apr ...10-May Muneco…….... 16-Apr ...22-May Opie………....… 13-Apr...
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    taking bets on referral list and offer emails..

    okay so being optimistic here when does everyone think we're going to hear about the referral list and then location offer emails?? i say referral list by april 21st offer emails may 30th im overestimating on both since i dont remember off hand the other times they came out...
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    anyone get a geo pref email for pubnat 5??

    ive been out of the loop a bit but any news on a referral list or geo pref emails??
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    Farmingdale Tower - FRG

    anyone know anything about farmingdale atct? its a level 8 i believe..
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    what happened to all the faa housing?

    now theres only 4 apts/establishments listed??? what happened?