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  1. BrewnATC

    Government Shutdown?

    My vote is yes we will
  2. BrewnATC

    22 December USA Jobs FAA Announcement.

    No it is not a prior experience bid.
  3. BrewnATC

    What in the Eff is Going On???

    There’s no shortage of applicants if you don’t like it.
  4. BrewnATC

    What in the Eff is Going On???

    No. You guys don’t catch on. Purplelobj already posted in this thread how it works. Stop calling them. They’ll get to you when they get to your file. You may feel like you have priority but you don’t
  5. BrewnATC

    ERR MOU Change Campaign

    Green is category 1/2, red is below
  6. BrewnATC

    SHV Controller Looking for Swap to FL

    What about a medical condition that is caused by the area? That’s not something that comes up? I’ve know three people in one area plus anecdotal evidence of many others, that’s not something valid that comes up? What about someone whose spouse leaves them and takes the children? Im aware of...
  7. BrewnATC

    TOL Vs Job Announcement Requirements

    12 should be in the TRACON then. Or both
  8. BrewnATC

    SHV Controller Looking for Swap to FL

    Stop with the “right way” bullshit. People have issues that come up. It’s a piece of shit thing to do to codify all hardships as the “wrong way”
  9. BrewnATC

    Finances and Security Clearance

    Everyone has a different circumstance. You sound like a sanctimonious asshole
  10. BrewnATC

    What in the Eff is Going On???

    Leave them alone so they can get to your case when it’s actually in front of them.
  11. BrewnATC

    Dec NCEPT Question

    Prior to 11/20
  12. BrewnATC

    Price of Gas

    I thought it was free, and they gave you money back
  13. BrewnATC

    Addison, TX (ADS)

    Don’t worry. Due to NCEPT you’ll check out in 6 months and end up at a level 12 passing up thousands of people at levels higher than yours
  14. BrewnATC

    New York TRACON - N90

    All I'm saying is it's kind of fucked up to put out an email and have people who wanted to go finally get excited and get their hopes up, only to direct hire and pick up OTS. Takes a shit on those guys that are already in the FAA and actually wanted to come there
  15. BrewnATC

    New York TRACON - N90

    If it were me all this shit would make me not want to come there anymore