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    Here We Go, Union is Gonna Be Attacked

    Scott Walker advises White House on gutting federal unions - NY Daily News
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    Facility Upgrades/Downgrades

    Anyone have a list of all the facilities that changed? I only know if one facility that just got upgraded.
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    1.6% Pay Raise This Week?

    It hasn't been verified this is happening, at least at my facility. But I believe when they renewed the contract in 2012 it called for 3 years of 1.6% ending in 2015. Can anyone verify we are still getting this? And if we are, everyone enjoy it, it's going to be the last one IMO for a very long...
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    Deleting Accounts

    How do you delete accounts?
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    What are the hardest facilities to get into?

    In everbody's opinion, what do yoy think the hardest ATC facilities to get into are. I'm talking hardly any bids ever cause few people leave, 300+ ERRs on file. Don't put down a center.
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    maybe i'm just venting.....

    but this is bullcrap..and anyone who went through the whitebook should agree, after everything our union fought for, its going to go away, white book will probably come back again. A freaking movie? come the f*** on! I hope that controller gets fired. S*** like this is gonna make our lives...
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    FAA Facility Reclass

    WE all hear rumors, but when does the FAA propose to start reclassing facilties? downgrade or upgrade, if they do??
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    2009 Traffic counts from ACI website.

    2009 north american airports traffic rank city (airport code) total operations % chg 1 atlanta ga (atl) 970 235 -1 2 chicago il (ord) 827 899 -6 3 dallas/fort worth tx (dfw) 638 782 -3 4 los angeles ca (lax) 634 383 -16 5...
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    Obama's Tax Cut Bill

    Will someone with any political sense please explain to me and other people on here what exactly the new bill will do, for single ATCer and Married ones with kids so i'm clear on this? From my understanding, it only effects our SSC tax or FICA tax, for example if we were getting 330 each check...
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    Pre Hire Facility Swap

    Anyone out there looking to get to CA? Im looking to get back east, let me know. Nothing lower than a lvl8
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    Locality Rates for 2011 and CIP

    Does anyone know when these numbers are coming out? I heard rumors of locality going up a lot in a few areas, but CIP not moving till the current contract expires.
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    The Slowest Tower

    So...i was bored and ran some stuff on the Atads database and looked up to see which airport is the slowest traffic wise in fisal year 2009. and the winner is....... 1. VBG-Vandenberg Air Force Base-FCT 3,351 total ops 2. OTH-North Bend Airport(Oregon)-FCT 6,454 total ops All numbers...
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    Made CPC!

    No more training! Thank God! I can sleep now!
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    controller incentive pay

    Does anyone have any info or a list on what facilities are hetting the CIP raise OCT1ST? Everone at work is saying my facility is getting a 8-10% bump but only certain hard to staff places are getting it.
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    Martin State Tower - MTN

    I was offered a job here last year this time and ended up turning it down after i got picked up by the FAA a week later. Didn't know anything about it. Anyone have any information on it as far as traffic wise or is it dead slow?
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    Miramar Marine Corps Air Station - NKX

    anyone one here from this facility past or present?
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    Developmental Training

    I dont know who the moderaters are, but i think there should be a new forum on developmental training. It would be pretty cool to hear from other people and see how the process is going. It just seems like there are to many thread involving the hiring process and not for current employees.
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    Busiest Facility

    what is the busiest military faclity in the Air Force? Marine Corps? Navy?
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    Farting In The Tower

    So i got crop dusted today right in the middle of talking to AAL???, i started gagging! The pilot asked me if i was alright. Has this ever happened to anybody else?
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    2009 government pay scale

    2009 ATC Pay Bands