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    AF Job in Naha, Okinawa, Japan

    Can anyone tell me about this place? I thought Kadena was the (only) AF Base there. The PACAF website list no such base. Thanks
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    I Am Challenging the FAA and Require Input. Eveyone Who Applied in Feb, at Least Read.

    I was one of the many rejected in this last February's announcement. Perhaps I should just set aside my pride and stubbornness, but I cannot. I was insulted with at first, the generic response I received from USAJOBS. Soon after, I emailed the FAA only to get an even more generic response, an...
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    Exceptions to the "no new hires at 10+ LV facilities"

    The title says it all, since the FAA has enacted such procedures on the terminal level; is there exceptions to such a thing?
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    Anyone get selected for WI this time around?

    Did anyone get selected for Wisconsin this time around? (or) Is there anyone who applied for WI and received ANY information? Thanks.
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    How long is a TOL good for...

    I hit the ground running on these recent pannels, I suspect I should have held back a bit due to some personal/family situations. I realize the process these days is far from quick but how long do I have until .... I have to accept or deny? If I accept, and not do PECEP, how long do I have to...
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    Is the academy still requried in all cases...

    I just got wind of someone who works (or did) with a friend of mine for the DOD at an army base. He got picked up at Potomc TRACON and did not have to go the the academy. This guy had no radar either. I know the academy was not required for VRA once upon a time, is the FAA reversing their...
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    March 2011 Applicants....

    Ok, so there's a million like me that are looking at all the threads about this year's hiring pannels. Is there a clever computer guy out there that can compile an interactive data base for all of us to see what the applicant pool is? I would love to know how many has applied for the different...
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    Save Pay

    I know save pay is discussed briefly in other forums. What I would like to find out is... Who has successfully received Save Pay? If you have, was it a $-for-$ match? If you have, what type announcement was it from? I know what I've read about the process but when the rubber meets the...
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    Photo question...

    ok... I hate even posting this 'cause I'm sure it's simple but how can I post another picture to my album? It's been a while since I've played around on here and I'm not seeing it. Thanks.
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    GI Bill

    I may have missed this one in one of the "threads"... is the GI Bill for OJTI limited to FAA or can the DOD get on board too?
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    Marshall Army Airfield, Fort Riley KS

    I have an interview (phone) for a job here. Has anyone worked there before?
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    What is the difference between MSS 1, 2, 3 and 4?
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    Question about pay...

    So some of the smaller facilities don't start out as "AG" they jump straight in to D1/D2/D3 pay. What kind of pay check do you receive at the academy then?