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  1. ATC_MacGyver

    Contracted Army ATC Facilities

    does anyone know what army towers are strictly contracted? NOT DoD.
  2. ATC_MacGyver

    thread about instructor jobs for colleges

    i told a fellow controller here about a link i saw on sm.... now i can't find it. it had a list of ATC instructor jobs. one was for UAA, one was for baylor etc. does anyone remember that? if you do, can you point me to the general direction of the thread?
  3. ATC_MacGyver

    what happened to the arcade?

    im bored at.... home. i can't find it. i want to get my archery skills up.
  4. ATC_MacGyver

    Left downwind vs. Left closed

    Ok. The entire time i was in the navy. "left downwind approved" or "enter left downwind" was the way to instruct an aircraft on the upwind to enter the downwind. we used the term "left closed" as a preventative control method. "tower, VVLL23 request downwind." "LL23, left closed...
  5. ATC_MacGyver

    rotating beacon

    i'm looking for the height requirement regulation of a rotating beacon? looking for the actual book name. as far as i remember it is 25 ft above the tower cab floor. but that might be a navy reg....
  6. ATC_MacGyver

    Army Traffic Count

    Can someone tell me where I can find where it defines a/c operations for the sake of traffic counts? VFR transition counts as two operations right? Where can i find that? not the .65?.... and i dont know these army regulations yet.
  7. ATC_MacGyver

    phone call from HR today.

    just got redirected to denver tower. instead of d01. be jealous.
  8. ATC_MacGyver

    re teterboro. vfr advisories.

    here is my issue, VFR flight following (Advisories) is/are an additional service. So if workload permits provide it. he was talking about fod on the runway to ops.
  9. ATC_MacGyver

    can someone help clarify this?

    The Sentinel Online : News:Local : Air traffic controllers, union break ties A group of air traffic controllers working at Capital City Airport left their national union recently, with assistance from a national right-to-work organization. The dispute involving the New Cumberland air traffic...
  10. ATC_MacGyver

    how much does a class II cost me?

    if i walk in to get one?
  11. ATC_MacGyver

    i need an email address

    To a guy named danny, he is an assistant to my hr rep. i have to email him some stuff, and i am in class until 5:15. my home is like 30 minutes away. if someone could pm me the email address it would be greatly appreciated. thanks.
  12. ATC_MacGyver

    my pepc experience.

    blah blah blah. interviewer seemed uninterested, wrote down first word of each answer, was staring at the wall behind me. started at 830ish got done before 1130. brittany is cool. sorry i missed out on the fun the night before. juanfl86 can send some pretty erotic text messages. ;);) another...
  13. ATC_MacGyver

    who wore khakis and a polo to pepc?

    and if you did, what was the general consensus of those interviewing you?
  14. ATC_MacGyver

    is natca going to change its policy?

    about controllers losing seniority for taking temporary supervisor positions?
  15. ATC_MacGyver

    pay for kodiak, alaska

    Pay $25.79 up to 40 hours a week: $6.24 "plus allowances." what are allowances? a cola? stipend? just curious.
  16. ATC_MacGyver

    does serco have a twr in albuquerque

  17. ATC_MacGyver

    jacksonville area stuck-mic peeps

    my birthday party this weekend. everyone is invited.. probably hitting up a bar. and then finding something else to do, responsibly, of course. maybe come back to my house and hit up the hot tub if you want, or just chill.
  18. ATC_MacGyver

    anyone selected for colorado terminal??

    post on here. going to d01.
  19. ATC_MacGyver

    Where do you want the next pepc to be?

    Like in terms of being able to go somewhere for a day or two. I say New York as my number one choice... and then Chicago. i will probably stay for an extra day or two.
  20. ATC_MacGyver

    Statins for cholesterol

    Doc, If i have to go on statins for my hyperlipidemia, does that ground/down me? is their a wavier for it? Rwn