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  1. mbalunda

    Maintain VFR at or Above 8000

    The simplest answer is someone entered your Altitude as /VFR, and from then on out was assumed you were only receiving fight following. I'll occasionally get VFR ac traveling at IFR altitudes and I'd generally not question it unless they were traffic with an ifr AC.
  2. mbalunda

    Delay Vectors?

  3. mbalunda

    Delay Vectors?

    Good ole metering to MSP. Had to slow down all my arrivals this morning for metering
  4. mbalunda

    Delay Vectors?

    As a center controller, and traffic dependant, I'll let you just about whatever you feel like if you're not in anyone else's way.
  5. mbalunda

    What Are My Options?

    Once you get to 100% of your hours they have to give you a check ride. It's not uncommon that someone gets no recommendations from their trainers but will still get certified at their 100% check ride. If his training stopped before then I'd say there's definitely more to the story
  6. mbalunda

    Pay and Downgrade Question

    I don't have the contract handy, but I think you keep your pay for either 2 or 3 years and then you'll be moved to the top of the new band.
  7. mbalunda

    Medical Disqualification - Any Hope?

    Do you know what they call the Dr who finishes last in medical school? The Flight Surgeon
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    Taking a Desk to Kims?

    Waste of space.
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    DUI Options

    Yea, a guy I play hockey was a dual citizen USA/Canada and got a DUI here in the states. They wouldn't even let him in with his Canadian passport. He eventually got it worked out but it took a lot of time and money. Canada won't let anyone in who had any felony arrests on their record
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    If nothing is in writing you may very well be out of luck. What you describe isn't one of the things they consider a hardship. They have leeway but nothing is guaranteed
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    Verbal agreement with who?
  12. mbalunda

    CPC-IT Forced to Change Days Off

    They can move her RDOs, they'll also move her leave to a coincide with the new RDOs. Or they should, that would probably be the only grieveable thing
  13. mbalunda

    How Bad Are the Winters?

    I had no problems with my Ford Focus in OKC. I come from the Chicago area so I've driven plenty when there's snow on the ground. My two roommates from ATL didn't fare as well
  14. mbalunda

    NEST Question

    CPC-ITs can also be released. There are some facilities that offer return rights on their bids, but if you're not going to one of them I don't believe they'd any guarantee
  15. mbalunda

    Per Diem Reimbursement

    If you use the FAA credit you don't keep anything that you didn't spend. They simply cover the cost and that's it.
  16. mbalunda

    Hats for Houston

    Help support a good cause!
  17. mbalunda

    Withdraw from Training

    Except he wants to not be employed anymore, so they'll walk him out. Obviously they don't if you're trying to be retained.
  18. mbalunda

    Withdraw from Training

    They'll walk you out the door that day and take your badge.
  19. mbalunda

    Withdraw from Training

    You don't work for the faa anymore, pretty simple.
  20. mbalunda

    Familiarization (FAM) Flights

    Plan ahead. We had a girl fly on a FedEx flight into Memphis. They landed at like 3 am on the cargo side of the airport where there's no cabs ore employees. She had to hitch a ride to a hotel with the flight crew because they had a shuttle waiting for them lol