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  1. slater

    Hardship Gets +4 Upgrade Possiblity?

    I am curious. For sake of conversation, I was recently told by my ATM while discussing my issues and possible need for hardship, that people have hardshipped to a facility "4 levels higher before" and "it can be done". This facility routinely takes ERR from this facility on the regular so it...
  2. slater

    Up To Date List of Staffing Levels?

    Looking for staffing levels on Southern California. Is there a current spread sheet or easier way to find factual data? TIA.
  3. slater


    Would anyone know which facilities are staffing shortages besides N90 currently? I'm tired if waiting for release dates.
  4. slater

    September Prev Exp Bid Max Age 35. Im 35 and 3 Weeks. Did I Still Qualify?

    Hey guys, I'm already in the FAA, but my friends wife is lost and needs help understanding. Here's the deal. She turned 35 August 2016. The bid, which I can't find now states something to the effect that the max age to apply was 35. Not sure if it said must be hired prior to 35th birthday...
  5. slater

    ATCer Spouse Hired by FAA for Prev. Exp. How 2 Work Together Q's?

    Asking for friend..thx.... Been at a level 7 up down for 8 years. Spouse was also prior military ATCer and new age change gives spouse ability to get hired by FAA as well. Question: any advice on how to get spouse to work at the same level 7 facility? Isn't there a special consideration for...
  6. slater

    NATCA Email: (Age Increase to 35) Senate to Propose Own Version of Bill in March

    Enjoy... Dear Sisters and Brothers, � According to public reports, the Senate is gearing up to move on its own version of the FAA reauthorization bill. This version will probably not include an air traffic control corporation proposal. Senate Commerce Committee Chairman John Thune (R-SD) and...
  7. slater

    Use GI Bill While OJT FAA Training Up to 36 (48*) Months! - the Deets...

    Veterans! Hope this helps. Earning D2 pay as a new FAA employee can be frustrating for the first year or so while training at a new FAA facility. Upom doing some digging, it has become clear that you can use your GI Bill & kicker for extra $$$. Here's how.... Personal experience: I've been at...
  8. slater

    FAA Facilities New Hires Can Request?

    I am trying to find out which ones will allow a new hire to request and be granted FOL for? If a new hire was to be offered locations they do not feel good about, it has been said they can request a dire facility like N90 or Alaska and it will be immediately granted. Is this true and if so...
  9. slater

    Who'd Win The Military Branch War?

    All US military services went to war against another, who'd win the war? Why? Army, Navy , Airforce or Marines? Sorry.. Coast Guard, you're not invited.
  10. slater

    Reinstatement to At or Above Last Facility?

    I heard/read somewhere, that if you were once FAA at lvl 8 (for example) and left/resigned for personal reasons (didn't wash) that upon returning to the FAA they would not send you to a FAC below lvl 8. Is there substance to this?
  11. slater

    Experienced Bid Swaps Allowed?

    Let's say for a moment, you get a list of facilities and someone you know who also gets picked up in the same region gets a list of facs. Both want what the final FAC other has receaved. Can you swap FOL facs before your even get to your initial facility? Has anyone heard of or done this...
  12. slater

    ATC Openings in Kuwait and Afghanistan

    DynCorp International is hiring. Read on Navy ATC FB page. The person doing the hiring is on the thread comments answering questions. Or
  13. slater

    Is This a CTO Certification? "technically"

    Before you are quick to say no, let's think this through please? I have been an enroute / tracon controller my entire career. I had always thought I didn't possess a CTO which would qualify me for bids I otherwise had always passed up. Over the years I have had several accomished and 25 year...
  14. slater

    Funny Stories While Plugged In

    Ok so, I wanted to see if anyone has any funny stories they want to share while being plugged in. I've heard some and been involved in a few. There is one in particular that every time it comes to mind, I can't help but still laugh. Perhaps one of those situations you needed to be there to get...
  15. slater

    Staffing Levels at SOCAL Facilities?

    Just curious if there is any word about expected new hires from experienced bid or reinstatements joining facilities in SOCAL facilities in 2015? Numbers? Thank you. Any rumors about HCF / HNL? I heard HCF is hurting. Anyone there confirm? Thx.
  16. slater

    Best Places to Stay While in OKC?

    I have been reading that some housing places in OKC are more expensive than others and are no better or worse. Some can eat up your per diem and others don't? Anyone have experience in this? I found a listing of places here and curious for first hand experience from actual guests. FAA...
  17. slater

    SELECTION RESULTS - 2152 Experienced Bid - 2015

    Besides the feeling in your gut at the sight of seeing this thread with todays date. I figured it's a great day to open this up as we're all hoping for news ASAP! On a real note, when the time comes, post your results here. Many would like to see how this timeline works out for those who...
  18. slater

    ASAP - "Submitted" - Understanding ASAP

    Ok, I have a few questions I have been wondering and now have seen a few others ask the same question so here goes.... When I log into ASAP, I see the following. The reason I am confused is some of my applications actually have information inside and some do not. Can anyone please tell me what...
  19. slater

    I got hired (Fall '09 panels) - REINST | VRA | CTI | OTS

    So let's hear it. If/when you get hired -this- panel (fall 2009) , We would like to see from who, where when and how. This is a test to check the percentage of who is who. On 1/1/2010 I will report the statistics to this thread. There is a lot of talk on this site about who is supposed to get...