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  1. Whirlybird19

    Seat Preference When Flying

    We were having a discussion at my work about which seats people prefer when they fly. So I thought I would poll the great people of SM to see where everyone out there likes to sit and why. (really, I'm not bored at all!) I'll lead things off. I chose "window seat rear of the plane" because I...
  2. Whirlybird19

    Northwest Airlines Pilots Miss Airport by 150 miles

    How in the hell do pilots miss an airport by 150 miles? Oh, you have a heated discussion about company policy. (my ass, YOU WERE ASLEEP!) Northwest Airlines Pilots Miss Airport by 150 Miles - ABC News
  3. Whirlybird19

    Up/Down Training Questions

    I tried a couple of searches but I really couldn't find the answers I am looking for. I suppose I could make the call to HR but who really likes doing that? I'll just rely on the geniuses that troll stuckmic! I've heard of a couple of different scenarios for up/down training. One example is...
  4. Whirlybird19

    Corpus Christi - CRP

    Does anyone have any info on CRP? Thanks
  5. Whirlybird19

    Anabolic Steroids

    So what is the rule on steroids? I have cycled Winstrol in the past and its actually pretty awesome! Its been about 3 years since I last did a cycle but I want to know if I were to do it while I was a controller if it is something that could end up costing me my job or if they even test for that...
  6. Whirlybird19

    ATC a Government Public Service Job?

    I?m trying to gather some information to see if air traffic controllers qualify for what is called the ?Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program? offered through Direct Loans. Anyways, the requirement is that you be employed in a Government Public Service position. When I called the company...
  7. Whirlybird19

    Income Based Student Loan Repayment Plan

    What's up my fellow CTI grads?! I was browsing the web this morning (instead of doing my job) and I ran across this gem of an article. IF any of you are like me you took out student loans to go to college, this might interest you. I just kind of browsed the article but it seemed to have a lot of...
  8. Whirlybird19

    I got a weird email from Aviation Careers today..

    Did anyone else get an email from aviation careers today that explains how to apply to the CTI announcement? It also has info pertaining to the length of the training in OKC and how much you will get paid. Two word docs are attached too... I'm posting because I think its a little strange that I...
  9. Whirlybird19

    Health Benefits Question..

    I tried my best to find the information on the health benefits website for federal employees but I couldnt quite find the exact answer to my question. Anyways, I was wondering if any of the health insurance plans cover cohabitants, or do you have to be legally married. Thanks for any insight.
  10. Whirlybird19

    New York PEPC (Feb. 23 & 24)

    Just wanted to start a thread to see who was going to the NY PEPC, where you decided to stay, facility your interviewing for, that sort of thing. I'm scheduled for Feb 23rd, at Noon, got ZMA, and am staying with a friend...
  11. Whirlybird19

    Facility Redirect

    I've read about this sort of thing happening to a few people. The circumstances were maybe a little bit different but essentially the same thing happened. These people were offered a TOL and for whatever reason, they asked for a different facility, and got it. Much better than waiting 3 more...
  12. Whirlybird19

    Swaps, Trades, Transfers - Everything Answered Here

    Since the new TOL's are about to be send out I was curious about a few things. I did a search for swaps, trades, and transfers. There's a lot of information available on ERR's and such, but not too much specific info on swapping offers. I'm sure when the TOL's roll out there will be those people...
  13. Whirlybird19

    Solution to VRA, CTI, OTS Candidate Seniority

    I've just been sitting here browsing the many threads concerning the referral lists, selection panels, and offer letters and it just dawned on me that something needs to be done in order to alleviate all the stress and confusion associated with it all. Here is my proposal for the new process...
  14. Whirlybird19

    List of Up/Down Facilities?
  15. Whirlybird19

    To Reject or Not To Reject?That is the Question

    There are a lot of questions, debatable information, and different experiences surrounding the subject of rejecting a job offer. I?ve tried to come up with as many as I could think of so we can have a thread that solely discusses the consequences of rejecting a facility. Question 1 - For those...
  16. Whirlybird19

    Another FNG...Lowest on the totem pole

    Whats up guys...I've been a reader for months but I guess I finally got over the anxiety and decided to swipe my forum v-card. Actually, I'm just finally in the position to start asking questions about this roller coaster the FAA likes to call the hiring process. Well I guess I'll add a little...