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    Can my facility not release me?

    They will not hold you. ATM can hold you for 90 days. 180 days if approved by District Manager. A hold longer than that requires Administrator approval. If you are moving up a level it will not be longer then 6 months. This is now pretty standard. The Administrator really cannot be bothered.
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    Helicopter Landing Phraseology

    I still say use caution and I don't say that "own risk" crap. Every landing and takeoff is risky. I feel like I sound like an idiot stating the obvious. Plus if you are busy as a mofo it's way too much of a mouthful. Then again, as a CPC I take full responsibility for what I say, or in this...
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    Helpful article on new phraseology

    Add that to the list of things I won't be saying. Still say "position and hold" too when it gets busy.....just rolls off the old tongue much easier.
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    Stars h_rate

    Splat T and the "min" key. Only tools you'll ever need buddy.
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    Changing trainers

    Its YOUR training. Not your OJTIs. If you need a change and you feel not doing so will hinder your progress talk to your training supe and do it. I had to it at my last facilty and my current one. The result was I checked out at both. Who cares if it ruffles an OJTIs feathers....if they have a...
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    PBI's New Tower

    Just so everyone has the scoop. The article was misreported. A new Tracon is being built at PBI and the FAA is working on allocating the funds for it....then they will announce it. Having been a CPC at PBI I know this subject well. It was a hard fought victory for the union.
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    current atc's-introduce yourselves!

    Pbi 2007-2010 a90 2010-present
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    Vero Beach Tower

    I know several guys that worked there in the past and I have flown in and out of there numerous times. If you have prior contract experience you should be fine. It can be a busy tower but a good stepping stone of you want to trannsfer to PBI of MCO down the road.
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    Cape TRACON - K90

    Re: K90 - FAA Cape TRACON Seems like they work a lot of VFR stuff...pretty sure they are a L8. We send a good amount of tfc down there from A90.
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    Perhaps I came off a bit harsh. From what I and other FPLs I know have experienced the service areas don't matter so much when it comes to err's. If there is a facility you want to go to and you don't know anyone there you really need to visit it. Also under the new rules management really has...
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    You don't think I know that RFDATM???? The question was asked and I answered it. For purposes of hiring yadayaydayada there are only 3 service areas. So, yeah, whatever dude.
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    I went from the Southern region to the New England region.
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    You get assigned a facility yet? I just finished classroom training at A90 and start the sim lab...

    You get assigned a facility yet? I just finished classroom training at A90 and start the sim lab on Monday. This place is sweet!
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    CPC-IT 2011 - 2012 Pay Raises

    Re: CPC-IT 2011, 2012 Pay Raises?????? You are reading into it too much. The arbitors decision is binding and final. That bit about the parties having to remedy it is just legal mumbo jumbo for “we told you how we want it fixed so fix it”. I am looking forward to sweet raise the end of this...
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    I mailed my packet in October of 2009 and started in May of 2010 at my new facility. It would have been quicker but my old facility kept me through their busy months. There is no set time. If you don't know someone at the fac you want to go to show the flag and pay them a visit. BTW I was a CPC...
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    Airline pilot to ATC..

    Haven't thought twice about it (I was a Part 135 citation/lear pilot). Best decision I ever made. Job security, good pay, good people and a helluva lot of fun!!
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    CPC-IT 2011 - 2012 Pay Raises

    Re: CPC-IT 2011, 2012 Pay Raises?????? Thanks Nate. I could always count on you to find this stuff even back in our old days. This is a HUGE win for NATCA. CPC-IT all over will realize this when 2011 and 2012 comes around!
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    Pensacola Tracon - P31

    If I recall he is from LAX. Tell Cliff Murdock BJ from PBI (now A90) says hello. I know he ruffled some feathers there recently, but he has always been good to me.
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    Boston Consolidated Tracon - A90

    Lookin' forward to getting started here in a couple weeks. Just found out my old supe from PBI will be my supe at A90....I'm stoked!!!!!!!