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    01/20/2010 Basics

    anybody else receive a call from sharon with HR saying that there is a possibility that the jan 20th basics class is getting canceled? i had heard about all the terminal classes being canceled but i am going en route. she said she should know for sure in a couple of days. im thinking she...
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    anyone have sharon as their rep?

    i was just informed my new rep is ms. sharon and didnt think to ask for a last name. id appreciate if someone could pm me her last name and any contact information you might have. is she easy to get a hold of? thanks.
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    More forms to complete...?

    I attended the PEPC in Atlanta this past week. Before leaving they gave me a checklist of forms I needed to submit within the next ten days. The list included the following: SF 144 Statement of Prior Federal Service SF 15 Application for 10 Point Preference A copy of my DD 214 for each...
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    interview questions?

    hey could someone please post a link to some of the interview questions. i can not seem to find them. thanks.
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    Traditional route at ZOB

    I was just curious if anyone has heard anything about scheduling your interviews this past week? i have been away on a cruise with no contact to the outside world for the past week so i am a little behind the game. thanks for the help.
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    anybody going to ZOB?

    hey, im a pubnat 6 OTS applicant who is forced to go the traditional route. i have not seen many people post that they were going to cleveland center and was curious if any who did get ZOB were attending the pepc? i am stoked though. i toured the center a couple of months ago and it is...