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  1. StuSEL

    Status of the Boards

    As many of you know, I have been part of the StuckMic community since 2009. I became a moderator a few years ago when the site was still being actively maintained. To keep a long story short, there is no active maintenance of this site anymore. As far as I am aware, I am its only active...
  2. StuSEL

    Smoking Meth to Stay Awake

    Air traffic controller tells cops: I smoke meth to stay awake | New York Post Nice!
  3. StuSEL

    Question for Pilots Who Took Pre-Employment Medical Exam

    For all my pilot brethren out there: I went to an AME as directed by the FAA to undergo a pre-employment physical exam for ATC. I am now trying to apply for a renewal of my instructor rating in the IACRA system, and it is asking me for my current medical date. Surprisingly, IACRA is...
  4. StuSEL

    Training Question

    If you're a CPC-IT, how long can you stay in training before the agency says enough is enough? I've heard of some being on the "five year plan" at all sorts of facilities. Is this common (or more common than it should be)?
  5. StuSEL

    Reminder About Disclosures of Sensitive Security Information

    This is just a reminder that information which could be considered security sensitive is not to be disclosed to any parties on this website. Thanks.
  6. StuSEL

    Green Checks: Don't Quit Your Jobs Yet

    The word I've received about the 2015 All Sources bid is that HR is currently backed up with processing the 2015 Prior Experience bid that was held a few weeks before it. Once they're done with it, they'll move on to processing the All Sources bid. Some CTI coordinators are suggesting this will...
  7. StuSEL

    Green Check? Post Here

    Like last year, if you have a green check, we invite you to post here. How old are you? How many times have you applied? Do you have experience in the aviation industry? Did you attend a CTI school? Are you a military veteran? Any other info you'd like to share?
  8. StuSEL

    For Information on Next Hiring Announcement

    Please go here:
  9. StuSEL

    "Contact Ground when Clear Vs. when Off"

    I noticed within the last year or so that controllers are changing to "off" rather than "clear" in instructions that deal with aircraft and vehicles exiting runways. "Rescue 42, advise when off Runway 18." "Cessna 123, turn right on Alpha. Contact Ground when off (the runway)." Is there a...
  10. StuSEL

    Plantronics Starset Discontinued

    What are the newest models of headsets you guys are wearing these days? I see Plantronics discontinued the H31.
  11. StuSEL

    Follow Up from NASA ASRS Reports?

    If a pilot files a NASA ASRS report in response to an incident or a perceived incident that happens while under your control, does NASA ever follow up with you? Could the pilot filing a NASA ASRS report negatively impact controllers who don't report the same incident or perceive it as a...
  12. StuSEL

    Amending an Instruction Before the Initial One is Read Back

    ATC: Turn left heading 090. <controller unkeys...short delay> ATC: Actually turn left heading 110. If you use this technique, what's your success rate squeezing out the amended instruction before the pilot reads back the first one? I'll give my personal opinion on the practice later.
  13. StuSEL

    Please Flag Inappropriate Comments

    Just a general note to all users: Please don't hesitate to flag comments that a reasonable person would consider inappropriate. I comb through the threads as much as I can, but I happened to stumble upon one today that went way out of control. Nobody had flagged it. I'm not blaming anyone, but...
  14. StuSEL

    Canadian Callsigns

    How do you guys pronounce Canadian registrations on the frequency? I've heard it a few different ways. C-GXGC "Charlie Golf Xray Golf Charlie" or C-GXGC "Canadian Golf Xray Golf Charlie" or C-GXGC "Citation Golf Xray Golf Charlie" What about abbreviated callsigns? Is...
  15. StuSEL

    Interesting ZTL/AVL Safety Report

    While I was browsing through the NASA ASRS data sets, I came across this report: Maybe someone from ZTL or AVL will chime in, but is the root cause of this occurrence the failure of AVL to change the LOC switch back to RWY 34? Any plans to increase facility hours at AVL?
  16. StuSEL

    In Other News: Latest Tower PV Pass Rate...

    ...was 15%. Allegedly 4 aircraft in the scenario. Who can confirm that?
  17. StuSEL

    If You Passed the Biographical Assessment, Post Here

    If you made it "through to the next round" and wouldn't mind sharing some of your background, we would love to hear from you! Copy/paste and answer below: --------------------------------------------------- Age? Have you taken the AT-SAT before? How much work experience do you have? Do you have...
  18. StuSEL

    Breaking: CTI Class Action Lawsuit

    Here is the news that we have uncovered thus far: A letter was sent out to several, if not all, CTI schools on Monday describing a law firm's intention to file a class action lawsuit, preceded by an EEO complaint, against the FAA in response to the recent hiring changes. Behind the letter is...
  19. StuSEL

    Application Status Update

    Anyone else get the 2:30 A.M. status update email? I was unable to figure out what the update was.
  20. StuSEL

    ZMP Providing Destination NOTAMs?

    I remember this thread from a while back: I was flying in northern MI today under VFR Flight Following with ZMP, and I kept hearing a controller issuing a full onslaught of NOTAMs for IFR aircraft landing in...