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    New York TRACON - N90

    phillyman2633 lives off of this website, didn't you wash out of n90? when your CPC at a level 12 like Miami guy is you can walk into any conversation like a boss.
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    New York TRACON - N90

    Thanks for the info, I always thought that people complaining about the place are either washing out or are having a tough time, I will be looking into it. That's pretty fast for training in the EWR area I heard that was one of the tougher areas. Did you come from another TRACON?
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    Happy furlough day!

    It is due to staffing and weather combined when there are not enough bodies to open up simul approaches then you stagger through it. When the regular rate is 64 for simuls and you cut it to a 42 rate then everyone is delayed. The rate for visuals is high 80' s low 90's with inboards and that is...
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    FAA Academy shutting down April 1st

    Re: Academy shutting down April 1st Come to my facility with that same attitude, you will be right back where you are now! Just sayin.
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    FAA Academy shutting down April 1st

    Re: Academy shutting down April 1st Do you people waiting for a class date think the FAA is really worried about getting you into the academy right now?! Right now they are thinking about laying off us CPC's which will impact the flying public. The academy should be the the first thing on the...
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    VRA Bonus Discontinued

    why would they give you a bonus when you come in as a d1? the faa is broke right now transfers are few and far between due to the budget.
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    San Diego Tower - SAN

    went up to the tower about a month ago, easy as sin. give me the airport layout to memorize and I will be done in a week as a cpc!
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    FAA to DOD and back hiring

    its all the same as long as you stay 2152 no change just a transfer
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    DOD vs. FAA

    no way in hell is the dod better than the faa ive been both and have done a lot of research on work environment issues, most dod facility managers are retired military salts that treat their employees like they are still in the military due to the weak union if they have one at all, the faa is...
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    Tentative offer letter DOD transfer question

    if you look into the contract there is a grey area it has dod pay setting and govt transfer pay setting but it says if you meet more than one criteria than you get the higher option. everyone i know has kept their pay
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    DOD Transfer New Book Question?

    you will keep your base pay
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    The FAA's missing out on experienced ATC'ers

    some of the cti'ers in my class are pilots and are keeping right up next to the vra's.
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    March Panels

    there are alot of dod facilities that are radar only.
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    March Panels

    go work contract until hired or apply dod as long as you get a dod job before thirty one then you can go faa whenever. its all about going to facilities and meeting managers or union reps, there are thousands of applicants and your name has got to stick out when they are making selections.
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    03/31/2010 rtf

    its 70 now but its gonna get real windy. okc is okc you might like it or you might not like it!
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    03/31/2010 rtf

    I arrived at isola yesterday, its def much better than some of the other places with a cool gym, anyone in this class want to meet up hit me up on private messanger! it was a long drive from ca but you need a car out here no matter where you stay.
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    03/31/2010 rtf

    im in o.c. just east of disneyland and going to sct moving to diego
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    yeah yorba linda, going to sct staying at isola bella.

    yeah yorba linda, going to sct staying at isola bella.
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    03/31/2010 rtf

    where you headed larry
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    03/31/2010 rtf

    i think 24 students per class