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  1. Ram_Tough


    Hey man, I got your PM but it says your inbox is full so I can't reply. Thanks!
  2. Ram_Tough

    OKC Self Storage

    So I have 90% of my crap in one of those UBox pods from Uhaul but I still have about a pickup truck load worth of shit that's going to have to go to OKC with me. I don't want to carry it with me everywhere for the 6 weeks I'll be there and was hoping someone on here has a recommendation for a...
  3. Ram_Tough

    5/28/2014 Tower

    Didn't see one posted for this date yet. Just got off the phone with AS, going to LCH with this date. Anyone else have the good news yet?
  4. Ram_Tough

    Contract Towers Closing...again?

    So yesterday I called my old contract tower I used to work for to get some info for my eQuip. I was shooting the shit with them when they said that they had renewed their FAA contractor ID's earlier that day and the security guy would not put an expiration on them past the end of the fiscal...
  5. Ram_Tough

    Resume Writers?

    Has any one ever used a professional resume writing service? It's kind of costly but, I want to make sure all blocks are checked.
  6. Ram_Tough

    Contract Towers Staying open

    DOT Press Release here. Press Release – DOT Statement
  7. Ram_Tough

    Heres the list.

    Hey ya go
  8. Ram_Tough

    In a fight to the death...

    Would you rather fight one horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses. go!
  9. Ram_Tough

    Rocky Mountain Regional - BJC

    Anyone know anything about this place besdes the basics? A little research shows they have ~16 CPC's right now. Any plans to hire more in the next panel or two? Any info is appreciated!