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    Level 12 to Level 10

    Does anyone know how pay for a CPC will change if they move from a level 12 center to a level 10? Locality being roughly the same...
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    Does anyone know how the pay raises from D-1 to CPC work? I moved up to D1 pay when I finished my first two D-sides, but I'm curious how the other raises are rewarded at an en route facility..
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    Does anyone know the if air traffic controllers can still jumpseat on commercial flights?
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    Passed Enroute at the Academy: Here's My Experience

    The FAA academy is a wild ride and an experience I will never forgot. I know that prior to getting there, I was afraid of the unknown and what to expect from it all. I enjoyed it and absolutely hated it all at the same time. This is my experience from the academy as an en route trainee and I...