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    Green Book $12 shipped like new

    Not written in. Currently At ZME in d-school
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    New per Diem?

    I have heard a rumor and I say that with emphasis, that there is an increase coming to the per diem at the academy in October. Any confirmation?
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    Memphis Center - ZME

    Thought I would fire one up for memphis. Ooh rah
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    June 22 Enroute Basics

    Anyone have this date as well?
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    Accomodation Recommendations

    Heres the scoop. My wife and 2 children are coming along. I have an Afghan Hound and 2 cats also in tow. I plan to pay out of pocket and it would be very helpful to be able to keep some of the housing per diem to help with living expenses while in OKC. Also with my family present the...
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    TOL To FOL

    We wrap everything up in one day at the PEPC. But then I assume there is a wait. Again. Anyway I digress. We do the drug tests and submit the release for the E-QIP. So then they have to run the tests and run the clearance. Do they have to have the clearance back prior to the FOL and class...
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    Calling ZME Controllers

    Please PM me is you are at ZME or ar going there.
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    Length of Training

    I know I have seen it before but after poking around a bit I wasnt able to locate it. I am going to a center how long is the training?
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    Old Fokes

    I am curious how many people around here are pushing 31. I turn 30 next month and am interested to see if I will be with a bunch of young bucks at academy or if there are more of us out there with real world experience!