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  1. Controlador

    FOL Doesn't Reflect Salary from Current Agency

    My FOL doesn't reflect my salary from TSA which is transferable. Right? My last day with TSA is the day before FAA Academy report date. Am I missing something? My SF-50 was submitted with current salary information. Should I follow up or has there been changes I am not aware of regarding...
  2. Controlador

    TOL to FOL Process (assigned Academy Date)

    Granted 3 weeks combined of LWOP, annual, and comp time to free up time for transitioning from one federal agency to the faa. No FOL in hand, but need to provide notice of relocation to current landlord, pack, and move belongings, sell car, arrange airfare, find a doctor for my prego wife where...
  3. Controlador

    ZLC Folks - Where Are You? Academy Date Anyone?

    Who's all waiting to report to the academy for ZLC? Who's waiting to be contacted by HR for an academy date? Where is ZLC on the hiring list? High or low demand?
  4. Controlador

    Why ANG Air Traffic Controller over all other options?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages at joining the Air National Guard for air traffic control?
  5. Controlador

    What is PUBNAT?

    What does PUBNAT mean? I find only series options to look up jobs to apply for under ASAP on the FAA website. Where does PUBNAT fall under all of this?