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    Oklahoma OKC

    OKC - Facility Swap Request
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    Facility List

    How many days after you rank your list does it take to hear back?
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    You Guys Think There Will Be Another Bid?

    Trying to figure out what I wanna do in life, you guys think there will be another experienced bid? Cause I need out of the tower I'm at now. Trying to figure if the wait is worth it or switch careers. Thanks
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    DOD Hiring Timeline

    Applied for a couple DOD towers. Was wondering what the hiring timelines are. I got the NORs already. I'm just an inpatient mofo. Thanks!
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    Background Check

    Hi all, been searching around and cant find a definite answer. How long does a background check take and I also found out from searching this site about a conditional offer? How long does it all take? Thanks
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    Cannot find any DOD jobs

    Hello all, I keep applying for DOD and contract tower jobs but I dont even get a call or email. Was wondering if im missing something or if theres something I dont know. I currently hold a CTO and EAS in December so I am actively looking. I have searched here on the website but dont find much...