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  1. Matty13

    Run-em tight

    Just read the Potomac Current and Undertow Feb 15th post The Potomac Current and Undertow One of the blog's points is that in order for nextgen to work, controllers will need to get closer to minimum separation. After years of punishing controllers, the FAA wants to switch tacks and have...
  2. Matty13

    1440 rumor

    Just heard from a NATCA friend- The arbitrators did not realize that the 8% raise would only last for six months and they are revisiting the issue.
  3. Matty13

    The 2nd Annual NATCA Colorado Lake Outing

    Got this today, for all you young and future NATCA members. Actually, it doesn't say unhired n00bs are invited, but I bet if you call you'll be welcomed. The 2nd Annual NATCA Colorado Lake Outing Who: All current and retired NATCA members from DEN, D01, APA, BJC, ZDV, COS, PUB, and ASE, as...