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  1. enickerson

    Next PUBNAT???

    Hello all... I went through the academy last year on PUBNAT 1, and I have a friend looking to see when the next PUBNAT is going to come out. Has anybody on here heard of when the next one will be? Thanks
  2. enickerson

    asap website

    Hey guys, looking for the asap website for a friend? Is that still the website that you need to use to submit your app? if so anybody know what the address is? Thanks
  3. enickerson

    General PV Discussion

    PV coming up... who is nervous Haven't seen any threads about the PV recently so thought I would start one. Pv-ing in a few weeks and hopefully everything goes smooth. I wish they spent more time in the radar labs and less time doing non-radar, non-radar, what a stressfull waste of time...
  4. enickerson

    10/9 - Who is in??

    Starting on 10/9 and I just arrived at the Brittany Apartments. Has anybody else who is in this class arrived yet? Where are you staying? :party:
  5. enickerson

    10/9 Start - No info packet yet???

    For anybody that is starting on 10/9, have you received your info packet yet? I'm leaving Saturday and I want my packet!! Also, if anybody wants to meet up next week before class, I say we should try to get together for a bit.
  6. enickerson

    Oct 10 revised to Oct 9

    Did anybody else just get a call and email with the date change? She didn't say why, but maybe because our last day was going to be Feb 17, which would give us a 3 day weekend of doing nothing. Now its on that Friday (the 13th!!) which would give us a few days to drive or fly back. I think its...
  7. enickerson

    FOL letter Finally!

    Just got the FOL at 6pm EST. Anybody else?
  8. enickerson

    Oct 10th Basics - Enroute - Roommate needed

    Starting Basics on Oct 10th. Looking for a rooommate. Going enroute to ZBW so anybody interested let me know. I emailed Fairways at Moore and Walnut Gardens to try to get some reservations. Should be arriving in OKC on the 7th.