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    Indianapolis ARTCC - ZID

    ZID's a good place to work. Culture here is pretty chill, union management relations are good, and training moves along just fine. I think data link/comm is going to start mid-late 2018 which will probably slow training down some. Other than that, I've only been here for a year and don't have...
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    8/22 Enroute Basics

    Fwiw, I stayed at Anatole a year ago. Had a great experience there. It's the closest to the academy, (like a 7 minute drive ) nice apartments, prompt maintainence. Expensive though. And most of your class will be staying at Kim's or isola so you will need to travel 15 mins if you want to study...
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    FAA Academy Questions/Comments

    Those knowledge tests were the difference between several people passing and failing the academy. There is no reason you should score less than a 95 on them. They are actually very challenging tests but if you put in the work, all it is, is just memorizing every single item in the binder they...
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    Well, Thanks Republican-voting Controllers!

    Yes, I do. CTI graduates ended up doing better on it than OTS people.
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    Passing the Academy (Enroute)

    As far as placement it's actually 2 slots per person, so a class of 18 will have 36 slots and 2 slots will drop off per washout
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    OTS Applicant - Newbie

    Wow.... Have you tried calling the doctor to make sure they sent everything through? I remember my doc's office had some trouble getting the EKG sent so I had to call both parties until it was resolved.
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    Passing the Academy (Enroute)

    For me the hardest part of final evals were nerves. The problems themselves are not that hard. I would say beware of similar call signs. You might have N256R and N526R on the scope, and another sector calls you and requests N256R have his route changed. Well if you accidentally use the ID of the...
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    Passing the Academy (Enroute)

    In my class, yes, I think 1 or 2 people scored a 95 or better on all of the written tests and washed. Gotta keep in mind 80 points are from evals. But every point really does count it's unbelievable how many people washout by less than half of a point.
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    Passing the Academy (Enroute)

    I'd say I joined a study group once every other weekend for a few hours. Never during the weekdays unless someone specifically wanted to study with me. Of us that passed some studied in groups almost everyday and some almost never. Good luck!!
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    Passing the Academy (Enroute)

    I know there are a few threads out there that detail experiences with the Academy, but seeing the new hiring wave and duplicate threads, I figured I would try to post my recent experience in OKC. Reading the experiences of those before me helped when I was at the academy. I graduated. Less than...
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    Location Question

    Right now ZNY is a volunteer place. If you want it, you can get it. Don't think they assign terminal grads N90. But you don't get your facility until you pass the faa academy. So by the time this happens for you, ZNY may not be on the list at all or available for volunteers.
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    Regarding the ATSA, if you just show up and take the test, your job is done. Prepping should not be necessary It is similar to the ATSAT but the little games are different. The background part of it you have done and passed on the bio questionnaire you already took when you applied. Per diem...
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    FAA Air Traffic Control Specialist Announcement FAA-ATO-16-ALLSRCE-4​9075

    It took me 15 months from the time I applied until first day at academy. And I didn't really have any unique delays
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    OTS Applicant - Newbie

    As far as the application process goes be patient it usually takes a good year or more from start to finish. Move forward with your life and current career under the assumption you won't ever get the ATC opportunity until you have a final offer.
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    Los Angeles Center - ZLA

    I recently finished at the academy and while there were a few ZLA slots on our list, they were not mandatory.
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    Picking a Center (ZID/ZTL)

    I'm trying to decide between ZID and ZTL and have done a lot of reading on these forums. For those who graduated the academy and were not sure which facility you wanted, what did you do to help make your decision?
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    En Route Pass Rate

    Lots of people fail because they get overwhelmed by nerves for evals.
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    POOL 1

    The thing about beaver is, at least in enroute, they were not afraid to fail students who... Failed. Not many students made it through that program first attempt. So If you are a beaver grad you have definitely proven you can pass the academy, but doesn't mean that they can learn the job fast...
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    POOL 1

    I graduated beaver's enroute program and it has really helped at the academy , but in the live real world environment I don't see it being any use.
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    POOL 1

    Beaver is an exception. I would generally put my money on a grad from that school over an OTS if and only if the beaver grad got selected for the same option (enroute or terminal) that they took at beaver. Can't say the same about most of the other CTI programs