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  1. UNDATCer

    1/24/2012 Terminal

    Just got the call this morning for this class date... SO excited! :hurray: Still not sure quite yet where I'll be staying but I'm leaning towards Winchester Run or Walnut Gardens to save some money. Anyone else get the call for this class date? CTI Hire from UND - Graduated May 2009. Selected...
  2. UNDATCer

    Trying to Save Some Housing Per Diem

    Hey everyone, I'm thinking about staying with a housing provider that doesn't charge the full per diem like Winchester Run, Apple Tree or Walnut Garden. I need to try and save some money to ensure I can make all my bills at the academy. My question is if anyone has an recent expierence or...
  3. UNDATCer

    March 2011 Selectees... Where Are You At In The Process?

    This is a poll to see where everyone who was selected in the March 2011 panel is currently at in the process. I know terminal and en route hires might have different timelines and lengths to the academy but should give a general idea. For me... Selected for terminal facility in Montana TOL -...
  4. UNDATCer

    Waiting for the Second Half of the FY 2012 Numbers

    Hey everyone! I was selected in the March 2011 panel and was one of the first people to get the email saying I was selected. I got my interview done along with all my background and medical testing done real quick. When the FY 2012 numbers came out, my HR rep (RA) told be that he couldn't bring...
  5. UNDATCer

    Possible Student Loan Repayments?

    Well I asked Doug but thought I would open this up to everyone... I was looking under the CTI job announcement and under benefits it says: "Benefits include: Flexible spending accounts; health insurance; life insurance; competitive salaries; paid holidays; sick leave and annual leave; flexible...
  6. UNDATCer

    Possible Student Loan Repayments?

    Doug, First off I want to apologize if this has already been asked and answered, but I was wondering if there might be any new developments... I was looking under the CTI job announcement and under benefits it says: "Benefits include: Flexible spending accounts; health insurance; life...
  7. UNDATCer

    March 2011 Selection Panel TOL Dates

    I've seen a lot of people ask others where they're going and when they got there TOL so I thought I'd create a thread so everyone could post their State (or facility if known) and the date they recieve(d) their Tentative Offer Letter! Montana - April 29th, 2011. Good Luck to everyone out...
  8. UNDATCer

    March Panel - Where You At In The Process

    I'm just curious to see where everyone who was selected in the March 2011 Panel is at in their process. Thank you to everyone who votes and Good luck to everyone!
  9. UNDATCer

    March Panel TOLs

    Hey Everyone, I got my TOL letter today and am absolutely ecstatic about it! I thought this would be a good place for people to post when they get their TOLs from this most recent selection panel! I know a lot of people here are waiting just to the their first email and for that I'm very...
  10. UNDATCer Mobile?

    I'm just wondering if there are any plans to have a stuck mic mobile site so I can check all this stuff out from my blackberry? Just curious. Thanks!
  11. UNDATCer

    Helena Tower - HLN

    Hey everyone! I'm just looking for any information on HLN or the city of Helena. Anybody on here work there or know know someone I could get in contact with to ask some questions? ANY information would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!
  12. UNDATCer

    Anyone Else Been Selected to Montana?

    Hey everyone! Sorry to put up another State Specific thread on here but I'm really very curious. I've seen a lot of people talk about the states they are getting but so far I think I'm the only one that I've seen that has said they were selected this panel for Montana. I'm just curious who...
  13. UNDATCer

    HCG Drops

    Doctor, I've been thinking about taking these HCG Drops to help with weight loss because I've heard it's safe and effective. I wanted to check with you before I do and see if this is something I could take or would this show up as a red flag on my FAA ATC Exam? Please know what your opinion...
  14. UNDATCer

    CTI Selection Panel?

    Hello, Does anyone know when the hiring selection panel for applicants who applies CTI this last go around is supposed to be?? I just applied in May and have heard rumors that there is supposed to be a panel in late August/early September. I know there is a panel for OTS applicants in...
  15. UNDATCer

    Feet Issues

    Doc, I was born with some feet malformations that could require surgury later in my life, if I wanted, and I also wear specially formed-fitted orthotics in my shoes all the time. These things don't impact my life though, meaning I can still walk, run ect... The only issue I have is I can not...
  16. UNDATCer

    Denver Center vs Denver TRACON vs Denver Tower

    Hello everyone, I think I am like a LOT of people in the ATC community (at least a lot of people that i've spoken with) and want to be hired and placed in the state of Colorado. But I'm still not sure where I would want to be placed yet. I'm leaning towards either Center or TRACON but I...
  17. UNDATCer

    Boise Tower - BOI

    Hey everyone, I'm origionally from Boise and have been thinking about maybe putting Idaho down as one of my states because I love the city and state so much. So, I'm just wondering if there is ANYONE on here that works in Boise Tower? I have a few questions about the facility... 1st - Is it...
  18. UNDATCer

    Locations of PEPCs?

    Does anyone know where and when the PEPC testing locations are going to be this summer/fall? I'll be graduating in May and would like to look ahead to when and where those sites are going to be? Has the FAA released that information yet, does anyone know?? Thanks so much for your help!
  19. UNDATCer

    CTI Grad Hiring Time??

    Hello everyone, I am new to this site and have a few questions that I could really use some help with if anyone has some time to respond... I will be a CTI Graduate from the University of North Dakota this May and I was wondering if anyone knew how long it usually takes to get an offer and a...