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  1. aaronavtr

    If you win the lotto...

    ...would you still apply for ATC? With the Mega Millions being as high as it is...$640,000,000..., I thought it would only be fitting to ask those who are in the application/hiring process. For those already working in the FAA, would you stay or go?
  2. aaronavtr

    "We're all going down!" -Captain

    Anyone else see this? What's with these flight crews now a days? "the co-pilot became concerned and "convinced the captain to leave the cockpit and then locked him out." :lol:
  3. aaronavtr

    Randy Babbitt Arrested for DWI

    Faa administrator charged w/ dwi?!?!?! WTF!!!!!!!!! ARTICLE HERE If he keeps his job then EVERY applicant who lost their chance (before/during/or after okc) at controlling in the faa should be allowed a 2nd chance.
  4. aaronavtr


    Anyone on the eastcoast feel it? I'm sure the controllers in the tower at our airport here had quite an experience shaking 300 feet above the field.
  5. aaronavtr

    FOL: How will you celebrate?

    I began this in this hiring process back in August 2009, and there finally appears to be light at the end of the tunnel seeing my clearances are all in and I'm just waiting for the mmpi. Like most of you all...I can't get my mind off of getting done with this hiring process already and God...
  6. aaronavtr

    Still waiting for ATC 1st email?

    Anyone besides me?
  7. aaronavtr

    Win-Win Situation???

    God be thanked for this opportunity first and foremost. This March panel was my 5th, (no that was not a typo), my 5th seeing as I graduated Aug 09. But like most of us I've got a job somewhere in aviation. May 2010 I took a job as an Ops Supervisor for a big FBO in the northeast area and...
  8. aaronavtr

    Referral List Updates!!!

    After a God knows long...I went onto asap and seen... Referral list FA-AAC-10-25813: Issued on 10/14/2009 for the Throughout Texas duty location at the FG-1 grade/payband. Your application is among those being reviewed by the office with announcement # AAC-AMH-09-CTI-12655. You may or may...
  9. aaronavtr

    Controller in waiting...Newbie

    Hey Stuck Mic world... Though I've heard and browsed this site on previous occasions, I finally decided to join. I just graduated from Embry Riddle's CTI program earlier this year (May 09) and like many CTI students, am sitting with all manner of patients waiting on the selection panel (yes...