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  1. robin0c5

    05/23/14 Enroute

    You'll get it soon. I'm staying at Kim's and any of you are welcome to study with me down there. I know I'll need the help.
  2. robin0c5

    05/23/14 Enroute

  3. robin0c5

    04/18/2014 Enroute Class

    My question is when were you asked to refresh your drug test?
  4. robin0c5

    CTI Programs Disbanded

    Rymn... you're fired.
  5. robin0c5

    Race and Ethnicity?

    Damn it, I just became white and now you're telling me I have to change again? :p:p:p:p this.
  6. robin0c5

    FAA Virtual Career Fair

    The government is sending sponsors and recruiters to every homeless shelter in the country and a pamphlet is being handed to every prisoner as they finish their terms. This is an attempt to find people of better quality than the CTI applicants.
  7. robin0c5

    Bleak Chance of Getting Picked Up in Feb Bid?

    It's larger than usual. As bad as it may seem those that do get picked up for this announcement will probably go to Oklahoma very quickly.
  8. robin0c5

    FAA Virtual Career Fair

    I feel bad for you guys. The odds are not shifting favorably. Also I've been telling all my friends.
  9. robin0c5

    FAA Virtual Career Fair

    There's a lot of TV and radio commercials out there. Hell, they're paying $100 per application... as long as you aren't CTI. <_< >_> I'm lying
  10. robin0c5

    Puerto Rico

    I've got a friend from Puerto Rico who's interested in applying for ATC. Can anyone tell me how applications work for U.S. territories and if there are facilities in Puerto Rico?
  11. robin0c5

    Hot of the Press.... To the CTI Schools

    The better 50% of the jobs I've worked at require you to go to another location for that big fat promotion and big fat pay check. Most of the time it's because that's where that opening has occurred. Some of the time it's because there's way more people also jumping at the job and if you don't...
  12. robin0c5

    I Still Have No Reason to Believe I Wasted 4 Years for an Aeronautics/CTI Degree. Why? Read..

    Michael Jackson. Black man on the outside, white woman on the inside... until it showed on the outside.
  13. robin0c5

    I Still Have No Reason to Believe I Wasted 4 Years for an Aeronautics/CTI Degree. Why? Read..

    Are they talking outside race and gender or inside race and gender? We can sway some numbers here.
  14. robin0c5

    Hot of the Press.... To the CTI Schools

    I was promised this... and so far I am very disappointed.
  15. robin0c5

    So I Wasted $30,000 on a CTI Degree!?

    Suck it up, get a job, make yourself a better person. There's still time to join the military, find a good job. You can always hope for ATC, always strive, but never count on it. Most of us here have waited for 3 to 5 years and that's for another opportunity to get our dream job, it's not even...
  16. robin0c5

    Just left the academy, enroute. I'll share my experience.

    I'm going to the same place. HR says we'll go 3rd quarter which means our class date will start between April and June.
  17. robin0c5

    Hiring Panel

    I heard they have enough controllers and have stopped hiring completely and are currently doing mass layoffs. :D
  18. robin0c5

    Read ASAP !

    How does buying back military time work for the Guard?
  19. robin0c5

    Rumor About OTS Bid...

    Is there any guy on this site that you aren't behind?
  20. robin0c5

    New Off the Street Hiring Announcement by FAA soon to come

    Re: Who else Feels Like They Got Kicked in the Balls Due to This Apparent OTS Bid Coming Up You make decisions based on the numbers you have. I've been a trainer on some level at every job I've had so far. You sound like a controller with a lot of skill and confidence. However, industries run...