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    Opposite Direction Operations to Parallel Runways

    My facility has parallel runways with centerlines 700 ft apart. I have an LOA that states to apply a cutoff only when 2 IFR are involved. The cutoff is 5 miles when 2 prop a/c are involved and 10 miles if either the preceding or succeeding a/c is a turboprop or jet. My manager implemented a...
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    Best/worst Overseas Contract Tower Locations

    Was looking into possibly applying for IAP jobs, but couldn’t find any info on their locations. I understand that no one is probably allowed to give a description of their ops, but I was more curious if anyone could share info like difficulty, wash out rate, living conditions...
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    Redding Municipal Airport - RDD

    I am wanting to apply for RDD through serco, but was wanting to find out a little bit more about the ops there. Has anyone here ever worked at RDD or know people that have worked at RDD? What are the ops like - easy/moderate/hard? I am coming from an active duty single runway facility where I...