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  1. irishcarbomb

    the difference of orbit or three sixty turn

    i'm just saying...that statement would actually mean something from someone that has spent an entire career as a pilot, not a recent grad with what? 500hrs MAX...
  2. irishcarbomb

    the difference of orbit or three sixty turn

    in all your vast experience buzzin around daytona...
  3. irishcarbomb

    2012 ATC Pay

    no... 123456
  4. irishcarbomb

    If the FAA starts rating CTI Schools....

    save the money and avoid riddle...same job, same pay, WAY LESS DEBT
  5. irishcarbomb

    Manufacturer/Model callsigns?

    How about 100lbs for an RJ with 40people? What's your point?
  6. irishcarbomb

    Not contacted for an interview

    Staff does interview. OM approves tours. Staff is off for the holidays. Almost always an OM on duty during the day regardless of holiday.
  7. irishcarbomb

    Not contacted for an interview

    it took almost 2 months for them to contact me. patience grasshopper btw it does no good to call ACD because for the interview its out of their hands. the people doing the interviews are on a staff schedule and will most likely be off till the new year.
  8. irishcarbomb

    OKC Dresscode

    This has been discussed many, many, many times. The link above has all you need to know. If not. Search.
  9. irishcarbomb

    This probably applies very closely to ATC

    i'll elaborate... Tues. - Off...sleep as late as I want Wed. - Off...sleep as late as I want Thurs. - Work 3-11, sleep till noon-ish Fri. - Work 1330-2130, sleep till noon-ish Sat. - Work 1330-2130 or 700-1500...worst case sleep till 545, otherwise noon-ish Sun. - Work 700-1500, sleep till 545...
  10. irishcarbomb

    What table tops should be like!

    shoulda made it a beer pong table...
  11. irishcarbomb

    This probably applies very closely to ATC

    i like the being able to sleep till noon 4 or 5 days a week. no sleep deprivation here.
  12. irishcarbomb

    STARS questions

    we have them all over the facility and in our IDS. I'm sure someone at your facility can find one for you.
  13. irishcarbomb

    Manufacturer/Model callsigns?

    it's in the back of the .65 and before you ask
  14. irishcarbomb

    Tell me about ZHU....

    go here:
  15. irishcarbomb

    Has anyone found out their Terminal Facility before their FOL before?

    way back when i got picked up i got a second email to interview. so i called my HR rep and said "hey i already interviewed, just want to make sure everything is ok" and she slipped and told me...
  16. irishcarbomb

    pregnant at the academy?

    thats your problem right there...if you want a kid, have a kid. you cannot plan your life around the hiring process/FAA. you will be sorely disappointed. I've said it before and I'll say it again: Live your life as if you never applied for the job. Deal with it as it comes one step at a time.
  17. irishcarbomb

    drunk and disorderly

    this was for the other posters
  18. irishcarbomb

    Best Way to Study for ADX written?

    You can't go wrong with Gleim
  19. irishcarbomb


    no... 12345
  20. irishcarbomb

    STARS questions

    yeah probly that.