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  1. FoggyWindow

    Flight Following Termination Question

    We've been tossing this scenario around at work thanks to a training situation. If a VFR flight following acft is handed off to you by approach control, (you are center) and when he checks in he says he wants to terminate FF but he is still in approach controls airspace, are you REQUIRED to...
  2. FoggyWindow

    Starting IFR Approach Below the Crossing Altitude for IAF

    For an uncontrolled airport in center airspace, crossing alt for an approach is 4500, MIA in the area is 4000. If an acft is at 4000, can you clear him on the approach if he’s 500ft below the crossing alt for the approach? If so, what phraseology do you use?
  3. FoggyWindow

    Non Exception Negative RVSM Transitioning

    Can you stop them for traffic? If a non exception negative RVSM acft is transitioning through to FL430, can you stop them under traffic? Example: traffic at FL350, non RVSM guy is stopped under him at FL330, is that legal, or does that guy need to be vectored out so he can climb up above RVSM...
  4. FoggyWindow

    Center Clearance into Uncontrolled Airport.

    If you have an aircraft routed direct their airport and they ask to be routed to the initial fix for a GPS/RNAV approach, how do you clear them? I've been saying "cleared direct (initial fix) direct (destination)" and then when I'm ready to clear them "maintain (alt) until (initial fix) cleared...
  5. FoggyWindow

    Cant Send PM's

    For some reason, I cant send or receive a PM because its saying my stored messages are full. I deleted a bunch of stuff but I have no idea how to find a "stored messages" folder. Dont know how to delete a folder if i cant find it. I'd appreciate some help figuring this out. Thanks in advance
  6. FoggyWindow

    MCAS Beaufort

    Anybody know anything about this place? Traffic, working conditions, area etc?
  7. FoggyWindow

    Is the Eglin Job Legit?

    Or is it one of those formality posts when they already have somebody in mind?
  8. FoggyWindow

    Grissom AFB

    Anybody have any info on Grissom? What kind of traffic or info on the area? My basic research tells me its in the middle of nowhere, which is fine by me. Just looking for general stuff.
  9. FoggyWindow

    MCAS Iwakumi TME

    Anybody stationed there now or have ever been stationed there? I bid on the job but have never been to Japan so I'm looking for some basic info on the area, the base, and the traffic situation. Any info would be appreciated.
  10. FoggyWindow

    Anyone every work at Fort Sill/Lawton?

    There's a bid up for an Army DOD job at Fort Sill. I'm just curious about what kind of traffic they work, how busy they are, what the area is like etc.
  11. FoggyWindow

    Any single staffers enjoying the new regs?

    GENOT came out that any single staffed towers that are 24/7 have to conduct radio checks with their approach control on the hour and at 30 min past the hour and approach has to to line check with the tower every 15 and 45 minutes past the hour. I guess this is to combat the wave of sleeping on...
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    ATC meme's

    Hopefully everybody will know what a meme is... Pilots
  13. FoggyWindow

    DOD facilities in Germany.

    Anybody know how many DOD ATC facilities there are in Germany? More specifically, does anyone have any info on Hohenfels, Germany? I was stationed there in my infantry days and have wanted to go back there as a DOD controller now that I'm out. I cant seem to find any info or points of contact...
  14. FoggyWindow

    Anyone know anything about Ramstein AFB?

    Just curious about what kind of traffic they work. I was stationed in Germany and have been there but it was prior to my ATC days.
  15. FoggyWindow

    stop-n-go with a helicopter

    1. What is the time limit that an acft may remain on the runway when executing a stop and go? 2. Does that time limit also apply to helicopters? $100,000 to the controller with the answer *not really
  16. FoggyWindow

    Nov 2011 panel, swap En Route (ZHU) for tower (GRR)???

    I'm slated to go to Houston Center (ZHU) and would prefer to go to Grand Rapids tower (GRR). I have no class date yet. I'm from GRR and got out of the military specifically to try and get back home. Any way I can do this? If so, is there anyone who was picked up for GRR and would like to...
  17. FoggyWindow

    MMPI & Medicals tomorrow, do I bring anything with me?

    Scheduled my appt a few months ago and dont remember if I had to bring anything with me paperworkwise. Anything I will need in addition to my coffee mug?
  18. FoggyWindow

    Any word on Homestead, Selfridge, or Westover?

    I applied for all 3 and made it to through to the hiring official but havent heard anything. Was just wondering if anyone got the gigs or heard if they had been filled?
  19. FoggyWindow

    Tell me about ZHU....

    Looking for some info in ZHU. If my interview goes well, I will be headed to ZHU after the academy (assuming the academy also goes well). I have 8 years ATC experience with 3 terminal CTO's and have no clue about en route. I am as excited as I could be about the Houston area as that was the...
  20. FoggyWindow

    Is it easier to get selected if you're a DOD controller?

    If all things are equal and you are applying for a VRA, CTO, Rein, or whatever and you're a DOD controller, does that somehow give you and advantage if you're applying to the FAA?