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  1. meatasaurusx

    Solar Eclipse

    I saw something online that said the next total solar eclipse in the states will be in 2017. This got me thinking what effect an eclipse would have on airport operations. I'm assimg they would operate as if it were night for the fewi items of darkness but does anything else happen? Also, has...
  2. meatasaurusx

    departure followed by full stop opposite direction

    Aircraft departs off runway 2L then a different aircraft lands 20R full stop. The arrival is a small. If the departure is a small plus or large (but never a B757/heavy) is there a MANDATORY wake turbulence advisory and/or time/milage amount?
  3. meatasaurusx

    blog help

    is anyone else having trouble trying to post a blog entry? I know this doesn't have anything to do with atc per se but i have been having trouble for a couple of months now, and i really wanted to keep updating my blog.
  4. meatasaurusx

    Happy Veteran's Day!

    veterans day Happy veterans day everyone. A big thank you to any veterans or active military personnel. Thank you for your service to our country. :patriot:
  5. meatasaurusx

    Election day

    Just a friendly reminder to go vote tomorrow.
  6. meatasaurusx

    speed assignment tracon to center

    I'm not sure if this is so much of a question, but I'm curious what everyones thoughts are, especially the center controllers. Departures routed over the same fix to the center have to have an intrail spacing that is constant or increasing. I know that you are supposed to coordinate speed...
  7. meatasaurusx

    Proceed direct Vs. Cleared direct

    Here is the situation: At C90 all of the departures are cleared to their destination via radar vectors to the first fix. To the east and south, we have RNAV fixes that the aircraft are sent direct to before being shipped to the center and after we are done vectoring for spacing, past the...
  8. meatasaurusx

    certified on departures today

    I just certified on departures today at C90. I'm so excited and very relieved that I don't have to worry about training for a while. Its only one step towards becoming a CPC, but it is still exciting. Good luck to all of you in training, as I will be back in training for north satellite sometime...
  9. meatasaurusx

    Question for the LAX controllers

    Ok, this is a weird question, so bear with me. At LAX do you have to exit security and re-enter to go between terminals or is there a route that keeps you in the secure area? I ask because my wife and I are flying to Hawaii in a week and a half and we have a 2 hour layover in LA. We are...
  10. meatasaurusx

    PIV cards (new id cards)

    What does everyone think of these new cards, and how many of you have already have them? I don't like that we can't smile in the picture. I just want to know if this means that we can get through airport security in the employee line (I don't work at the airport).
  11. meatasaurusx

    Chicagoland StuckMic-ers

    Just wanted to see who was on here that is either a current controller in the Chicago area or a prospective employee who lives in the chicago area, as well as anyone who has been hired into the chicago area.
  12. meatasaurusx

    new hire days off question

    Ok, so I am heading to OKC next week, so I am a really new hire, but I have a question about getting a day off. First of all, I will be at a tracon facility (c90) so I know that the first few months will be classroom stuff anyways. Is that usually a monday-friday schedule, or is that on...
  13. meatasaurusx

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Hope everyone has a good day today and eats lots of turkey! :D
  14. meatasaurusx

    will class start the 18th or 15th of december?

    So on my fol, it said i was starting basics class on december 18th, but they are also starting a basics class on the 15th of december. on the class list, they only start on the 15th, but not on the 18th. is this just another case of their bad on the faa's part or are they really starting two...
  15. meatasaurusx

    wisdom teeth

    so i already have all of my medical clearances and my class date, and i just got my wisdom teeth out today. should i let someone know that i had this surgery done, or just not worry about it? it won't affect anything, but i wasn't sure. thanks for the help
  16. meatasaurusx

    Veterans Day

    Just wanted to take a minute to wish all of those in uniform a happy veterans day, and a big thank you to all that have or do serve our great nation.
  17. meatasaurusx

    Go vote!

    Simply put, go vote if you haven't done so already!
  18. meatasaurusx

    Length of Tracon classes

    I am going to the Chicago Tracon and on my fol, I am starting dec. 18th for basics. after that, it says that I will take intro to radar which will be 9 classroom days, but no mention of other classes after that. That is not the only class that you have to take for tracon, is it? I am guessing...
  19. meatasaurusx

    NATCA Benefits

    So I saw a link that was talking about the benefits that you can get by being in NATCA, and one of them was pet insurance. Is this still available and does anyone use this benefit? I know my pets would definately appreciate it!
  20. meatasaurusx

    Chicago Air and Water show

    I'm sure anyone from the Chicago area knows this festival the was just this past weekend. I was curious to know from any controllers in the area if the planes that were a part of the show were under your control, or how did they deal with those planes in the airspace. i know they used the...