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  1. phillyman2633

    Philly Tower PHL

    Any of you scumbags got any insider info on PHL? Working conditions, seniority, management relations, etc...?
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    New York JFK

    JFK - Facility Swap Request
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    ASUdevil Clear Your Inbox

    God this website is f*king archaic
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    NATCA T-shirts for Sale

    Buy a NATCA SJU t-shirt and I'll consider leaving your name out when I'm scrolling through the white pages performing the Black Sacrament. UPDATE: NEW SHIRTS BUFU: BUY US FUKK YOU!
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    What Should I Drink Tonight?

  6. phillyman2633


    Taking a tour of PHL next week when I FDT home....anyone have any info/know anyone who works there? Phillyman is thinking about Philly.
  7. phillyman2633

    FAA Form 3330-43-1 Rating of ATC Experience for Transfer

    WAT IN THE ACTUAL FUKK I feel like I just got ass-blasted by Ron Jeremy on a coke binge Anyone else think this form is f#cking outrageous?
  8. phillyman2633

    Florida SJU

    SJU - Facility Swap Request
  9. phillyman2633

    FAA Hiring Needs Fulfilled Through FY2015

    Purportedly the FAA's hiring needs for the controller hiring pool has been filled through October of 2015 after the BQ. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.
  10. phillyman2633

    New Tower Grading Format

    The Academy will be switching to a new grading format starting July 11th whereby grading will be done in the same format as enroute has been for a while, i.e. a point-based system. The new system is supposed to be pretty tough apparently. The FAA had 3 'test' classes go through to test the new...
  11. phillyman2633

    Security Interview

    Has anyone ever done one of these? I got a call late last night from a guy saying he needed to meet with me regarding a security interview...not sure if this is normal, or maybe they just do spot checks? I didn't have to do one of these 2 years ago when I got cleared after my initial TOL...
  12. phillyman2633

    Moving Overseas

    Hey guys, Anybody have any experience moving overseas with the FAA? San Juan, St. Thomas, Hawaii, Guam, etc...? I'm moving to San Juan and am looking for the best way to get all my stuff down there. I'm selling my car (would have cost $2000 to get a '99 Explorer down there...hell no not...
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    Merry Friggin Christmas

    And keep the change, ya filthy animal
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    UAV Jobs

    Anyone know of any companies hiring for entry-level UAV pilots right now?
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    Are we no longer able to embed YouTube videos directly into our posts? I miss this feature! Thanks
  16. phillyman2633

    NATCA and Obama

    Wanted to start a poll to see what kind of mindset there is around here and how many other sane (or at the very least, open-minded) people there are. Anyone else seriously thinking about snubbing NATCA when they get in? It's kind of hard for me to look forward to joining a union that...
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    FAA through my CTI eyes

    I'm broke and still waiting for a job after 2 years. :cheers:
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    Anyone else using Google Chrome get notifications the last few days telling them not to continue on to StuckMic due to malware found within the website? Maybe I should stop watching so many dirty movies.
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    Anyone have info on KRSW (SW FL Reg'l)?

    I think I might be making a trip to Fort Myers in the fall and wanted to set up a tour of Southwest FL Regional (KRSW) just for the hell of it but there's no info in the SM Facility Guide on this airport. Anyone know anything about it?
  20. phillyman2633

    Continuing School

    So is anyone going back to school to get their masters (or bachelors if they didn't get one yet)? I can't pay off my student loans with my $10/hr job and so I just started taking masters classes to keep myself in an 'in-school' status and therefore keep my 6 month grace period and defer my...