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  1. FoggyWindow

    Houston Center - ZHU

    Its a good work environment and the union/mgmt relationship is good. Most people who leave here end up coming back.
  2. FoggyWindow

    Proper Resignation

    I highly recommend that you don't do that
  3. FoggyWindow

    Springfield - SGF

    I would talk to the rep there before buying into that 52% rate.
  4. FoggyWindow

    Nor Cal TRACON - NCT

    Well, I got dibs on which of us gets to leave ZHU first since I posted in the thread before you. I want the nature that Northern Cali has to offer vs the never-ending subdivisions and flooding of Houston.
  5. FoggyWindow

    Nor Cal TRACON - NCT

    What do you not like about ZHU? What specialty do you work?
  6. FoggyWindow

    Chicago Center - ZAU

    ZAU needs to put out a friggin bid already
  7. FoggyWindow

    Tower to Tower IFR Clearance Under Same Class B

    Per the AIM you just request tower en route with either CD or ground when you call to get your filed clearance
  8. FoggyWindow

    Successful Appeal After Disqualification for Personality Disorder

    Exact same thing happened to me. I appealed it and won and now I'm a CPC. From what I remember, there's actually a higher chance for success than failure on an appeal.
  9. FoggyWindow

    Airservices Australia 2019

    Both were on an experienced controller bid
  10. FoggyWindow

    Oakland Center - ZOA

    Anybody out in ZOA? I'm wondering about decent areas to live for a family. I'm looking at the TMU bid, any info on what to expect there?
  11. FoggyWindow

    Airservices Australia 2019

    I got selected back in like 2009 and 2013. Haven't applied since then.
  12. FoggyWindow

    Contract Towers

    I made around $80k a year and bought a house on Cape Cod when I was working contract. Its certainly manageable as long as you aren't coming out of the military with tons of debt and are responsible with your money.
  13. FoggyWindow

    Don’t Give Up.

    I got picked up in Nov 2011. Didn’t get to the academy until May 2014. Sequester, failed MMPI, failed the retake, won in my appeal, finally got class date and now a CPC at a lvl12 facility. stay the course
  14. FoggyWindow

    Ground Phraseology, "ground Copies Vs Rodger"

    If you say “ground copies” at any airport that has international flights you are going to be repeating yourself quite a bit. If you say roger you won’t. You guys must be in like a level 4 tower or something.
  15. FoggyWindow

    Nor Cal TRACON - NCT

    Anybody at NCT on here? I'm a CPC at ZHU and wanting info on the facility. Considering moving there if its even possible.
  16. FoggyWindow

    Flight Following Termination Question

    We've been tossing this scenario around at work thanks to a training situation. If a VFR flight following acft is handed off to you by approach control, (you are center) and when he checks in he says he wants to terminate FF but he is still in approach controls airspace, are you REQUIRED to...
  17. FoggyWindow

    Starting IFR Approach Below the Crossing Altitude for IAF

    I want to add that it doesnt really matter how long some of you have been doing this, it doesnt make any difference as far as who is wrong or right. I know a 25yr lvl 11 CPC that has only ever issued the MSA altitude on the approach plate when issuing an approach clearance because "thats how...
  18. FoggyWindow

    Facility Swap Request

    I'm at ZHU. I'm considering finding a way into Norcal Tracon.
  19. FoggyWindow

    Army ATC Question

    Contract towers don't care about anything other than a CTO. If you don't have a CTO the FAA doesnt care. ATNAVICS doesnt count if I remember correctly. I was Army ATC, an instructor at the Army ATC school, and got a contract tower job when I got out, and I'm now a CPC at an FAA center. Trust me...