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    April 2016 PTOL's

    If your name was not included in the subject line of your TOL then you need to call ACD and they will have to send you a new TOL including your name, city, and state in the subject line. The medical peeps should be included in the TOl email (CC'd). That is how they get your name and find out who...
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    FAA To Unsuccessful ATC Applicants: Try Again Next Year

    Pretty sure we are getting at the same point. This "list" or the "categories" of scores like qualified/wq, do not have a defined score range yet. So, score ranges for each category can be changed in order to have the desired amount of candidates in each. Like you said its a perfect defense...
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    FAA To Unsuccessful ATC Applicants: Try Again Next Year

    Doesn't have any thing to do w/ the AT-SAT results. Test standards can be lowered to ensure they have enough applicants to cover the wash rate at the Academy. 60 is the new 70. This is why no one has gotten scores back yet
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    Rumor Mill for ATSAT Scores and TOL's....

    They are waiting to see how well people scored on the test as a whole to determine the cut off point. This is the sad thing about this entire hiring pool is that they have no idea what they are doing now that the BQ screened out so many people. They will lower the standard of the test...
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    Senator Murray Asks Foxx About the Hiring Process

    LOL this is nothing. The past two announcements were cancelled. I had the green check last bid and made referral lists only to have them cancelled out. Just B/C they said you are taking the AT-SAT is not anything to hang your hat on. Welcome to the party. And I do not think they will cancel this...
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    What Has FAA HR Told You?

    I wish it was for a security clearance. Weird tho
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    What Has FAA HR Told You?

    Yes I am aware. All I'm saying is that the purpose of OTS/ALLSOURCE announcements is to choose some burger flippers and philosophy majors. Not basing selection off ATC specific training/experience enables an even playing field. So, many previous VRA CTO CTI were intentionally not considered...
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    What Has FAA HR Told You?

    Who knows what the target demographic was for this announcement??? For all we know non-atc did receive priority. We know why the FAA implemented the change because they weren't getting a diverse enough applicant pool that represented the population. I think of Off The Street to mean people not...
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    Random Thought About the BQ

    The Bio-Q is supposedly straight off the AT-SAT with a few additional questions. I took the AT-SAT 2 yrs ago and don't remember much from the questionnaire at the end. From what I've seen APT did a follow up study on the barrier analysis which analyzed the hiring methods and suggested changes...
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    When Will the Next Announcement Be?

    I like dat. As CZ said previously there is no way to predict what the next BQ will be like.Change some answers or keep em the same? Highly doubt that it will be the same test. Questions will either be weighted differently or the score range for "passing" will be greater. Changing the weight of...
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    TOL email

    Expect ZOA. They need peeps bad
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    NATCA Email Mentions the Flawed BQ Process

    I was in a meeting the week after this opening closed with the NATCA rep for training and they truly had no idea. Don't think any one was expecting such a bad turnout.
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    Application Numbers and Acceptance Numbers

    Seems like most people who passed got previous Q scores. All the people I know who have taken the AT-SAT have at least.
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    Application Numbers and Acceptance Numbers

    I've always heard $140 per test. Heard it again last week. And if this process gets people to facilities they will not be the "best" candidates for the job and it will NOT be because of the Bio Q
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    Application Numbers and Acceptance Numbers

    You guys keep mentioning WQ ATSAT scores eliminating some of the applicants but they've never said if you don't score WQ you are done. We know there will be three groups based off cumulative score of all inputs to the pre hire process. So those that don't score WQ will be in a less qualified...
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    Phone Call from the FAA

    WOW! just gets worse and worse
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    How Many Potential Canidates Are to Be Hired?

    Apparently they were not expecting to get so many qualified applicants and were planning on doing another sooner but they plan to hire enough so they can pull from these selections for the next 18 months. This is the expected trend for FY15 as well. They are closely monitoring all academy...