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  1. ATC_MacGyver

    VRA Eligibility Question.

    when I applied the application said what didn't qualify. gca, flight data, shipboard shit. it never mentioned that ground didnt count. ground is a rating. so use the info as you wish. good luck.
  2. ATC_MacGyver

    VRA Eligibility Question.

    eh. ground should count. not sure how it's possible to be at knip as an e-5 and not get a cto.... you should have pushed to get to whitehouse bro. anyway. yeah. you need the designation, which A school gave you. and you need to do atcs work for 52 weeks. ground is atcs work. par obviously...
  3. ATC_MacGyver

    Hello from NTU!

    Lol! 5678
  4. ATC_MacGyver

    Question regarding military takeoff at FAA airport

    that would be the best day of my life.
  5. ATC_MacGyver

    Bicycle rack at the academy?

    welcome to air traffic control.
  6. ATC_MacGyver

    Question regarding military takeoff at FAA airport

    I say "blah blah blah change to departure, cleared for take off." I like clear for take off to be the last thing I say.
  7. ATC_MacGyver

    Up/Downs - Do you ever combine into the cab?

    we combine it all down to the tracon..... like a boss.
  8. ATC_MacGyver

    Contract Tower employment w/o CTO

    fort greely, ak has done it for an army controller that worked in a tower for 5 years and never got a cto. call them. the company that runs the tower up there is kaya and associates out of alabama. although the people at the HQ will know nothing about the atc stuff. all that is required for...
  9. ATC_MacGyver

    Assigning hard altitudes/headings to VFR A/C

    i would like to put in my two cents real quick. you ABSOLUTELY CAN give a vfr a/c a hard altitude under the mva. you CAN NOT then give them a vector. the only altitude requirement is the pilots MSA which is covered in their books. not to be confused with the msa on an approach plate.. on...
  10. ATC_MacGyver

    03/06/2012 rtf

    i'll be there.
  11. ATC_MacGyver

    Wake turbulence question (c130)

    well he's interned for his mom. who is the executive VP of janitorial services for some IT company. #winning.
  12. ATC_MacGyver

    Wake turbulence question (c130)

    and where might you work?
  13. ATC_MacGyver

    Reason for Vector

    vector for (type of approach)
  14. ATC_MacGyver

    pay question

    i bet they dont have a d1. so you are at bottom of d2 (which is the same as top of d1 if they had it)
  15. ATC_MacGyver

    Leaving Class Delta Airspace

    look. we're really excited for your cti experience. but the aim specifically tells you not to do this.
  16. ATC_MacGyver

    Sup pay cut?

    now they are going to do it only for the power trip.
  17. ATC_MacGyver

    tower radar separation

    i imagine there is no debate there about how smart the person is that is implementing this stuff.
  18. ATC_MacGyver

    Leaving Class Delta Airspace

    thank you.
  19. ATC_MacGyver

    New Colorado Thread March 2011

    they are getting 11 new hires this year.
  20. ATC_MacGyver

    Leaving Class Delta Airspace

    lol. wish we were on facebook because i would LIKE this.