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    Anyone Here D3 at a Level 10??

    I am wondering if anyone here is D3 at a level 10 facility. If you can, could someone tell me their base pay not including locality OR your base pay with locality and locality %? Thanks!
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    Boston Center - ZBW Hiring Information

    Is ZBW a level 10 or 11 this year?
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    I want to make sure I know the NEST process correctly. Does the NEST first tell you what level facilities you are eligible for, then you make your request of which facilities and or geographic location you would like to be?
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    Cape TRACON - K90

    Re: K90 - FAA Cape TRACON Anyone here working at Cape tracon? I was wondering how it is to work here. Any plans for consolidating with Boston approach?
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    Oakland Center - ZOA

    Is oakland a level 10 or 11?
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    Kansas City Center - ZKC

    Is Kansas city a level 10 or 11?
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    RTF pass/pass of pass/fail?

    Any updates on this? Or is it still pass/pass