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    Just a reminder

    This goes for all the Ask sections...feel free to start a new thread in another area of the forums.
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    *** Smartphone Users ***

    Please select your platform. No need for discussion just use the poll. Comments will be deleted.
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    NATCA Meet and Greet Feb 3rd Postponed

    Due to the storm, Thursday's (Feb. 3) NATCA Meet and Greet for Oklahoma City FAA Academy students has been postponed to Monday, Feb. 21st at the La Quinta. We apologize to everyone who was planning on attending tomorrow night. We hope we'll see all of you on Monday, February 21st.
  4. irishcarbomb

    Pets...and our schedule

    Thinking about adopting a dog(not a puppy, but maybe a year or two old)...anyone have one? I know it'd be tough with the rotating schedule but I figure after a few weeks it'd probly get used to it. whatcha think?
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    'Twas The Night Before Christmas

    'Twas the night before Christmas, and out on the ramp, Not an airplane was stirring, not even a Champ. The aircraft were fastened to tiedowns with care, In hopes that come morning, they all would be there. The fuel trucks were nestled, all snug in their spots, With gusts from two-forty at 39...
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    TD pubs

    i thought this was about where td's go to drink... :(
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    FAA ATC Hiring Spread...all sources

    pulled this from the new workforce plan...kinda dispells the 5% OTS hiring myth. hiring percentages from 2005-2009
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    Just got the call!!!!!!!!

    Woohooooooo just got called...class next thursday!!!!! :hurray:
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    Anyone else that has/had EM for Central Terminal

    I just called and it says "EM, Eastern Enroute...blah blah is on the phone" Talked to ACD mainline and he said that she's still the one for Central Terminal as far as he know's. Just thought i'd pass on the info
  10. irishcarbomb

    United Airlines Announces New Partnership With ExpressJet ExpressJet to Operate 22 Aircraft as Replacement Flying for United Express CHICAGO, Nov. 16 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- UAL Corporation (Nasdaq: UAUA), the holding company whose primary subsidiary is United...
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    RPO and Basics Instructor

    saw this on findapilot... basics instructor RPO
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    What would you do?

    An airplane has one of these: instead of a certified POH/AFM from the manufacturer with serial number/registration inside....
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    Scanning of the OF306

    when you guys scanned it to email it back, how did you keep it from being a HUGE file that gets kicked back for being too big for their system???
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    New Requirement for FO???

    i know we have a few airline guys/gals here...whatcha think? Congress to toughen airline standards -
  15. irishcarbomb

    Teen pilot makes emergency landing

    pretty cool... Teen pilot makes emergency landing : Big Country : Abilene Reporter-News
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    Anyone else going the traditional route?

    I emailed back that I want to go traditional instead of PEPC. Anyone else take the gamble?
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    FAA Publications for Pilots

    Here is a list of the FAA publications often found at your local pilot supply shop. However not many pilots/students are aware that they are available for free download direct from the FAA. Perhaps you prefer the book but just want a quick reference, well here you go. Rules and Regulation CFR...
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    Let's hear it for the pilots!

    How about checkin' in with what you fly, when you fly it, if you're just a wanna be, or a flight simmer, is it a job/just for fun... I'll start... Flight instructor at DWH in houston for about 2 months, expat from the holy land of training daytona beach where I taught for about 8 months. I've...
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    Question About Referral List Notice on ASAP

    ok so i've noticed in the few people who've posted a copy/paste of there asap notice regarding referral lists. and some have the location on it... example: mine says: and some say: is that just a VRA or REINST thing or did something get messed up with my Geo Prefs?
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    Premium Pay (spurred from overtime thread)

    ok so this is probably a stupid question...but i thought ATC was a salary position. After reading the overtime thread, how do they calculate all the extras (night, holiday, overtime). Is it really an hourly position and the paybands show what you would make working a standard 40hr week? i have...