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    Basic Books for Sale

    If anyone pays 15 dollars for these just withdraw from training now. Learn it in class and let this guys suffer for scanning all hundred pages of these bookies
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    N90 OTS Announcement

    The pass rate for tetra has been like 99%
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    RPO Strike 2018

    They already have the students remote non radar. Maybe they’ll just have the remote radar too.
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    Busiest Facilities That Are NOT 24/7

    No mid your whole career? That seems unlikely. We can’t even make it through a sides without working mids.
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    Quick question

    You’ll prolly get s class date next week. They’ll email you everything.
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    2018 Upcoming FAA ATC Job Bids

    That’s dumb... what if your on vacation? Or on a work assignment?
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    2018 Upcoming FAA ATC Job Bids

    HR doesn’t go through that. Security does.
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    2018 Upcoming FAA ATC Job Bids

    Can you apply to both and take the tol you want?
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    CTI Lawsuit

    What are they still crying about? Myself and most of my CTI classmates got in under Pool 1.
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    Best Ways to Study in the Academy

    Only study till you know it. Don’t study for 18 hours a day. You’re better off being well rested and not burnt out down the stretch.
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    How Long Can My Class Date Be Postponed?

    Don’t make an airline waste tens of thousands of dollars running you sim. Quit now.
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    Process Question - Just Need Clarification

    Better pay your school. If they send you to collections it’s going to be a problem for your security clearance.
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    Process Question - Just Need Clarification

    What do you mean you don’t ha e access just go to the school and order one. Anyways you’ll need your 2 year cti degree transcript to prove you qualify for pool 1. You only will need your 4 year if you are using that for 3 years work experience. As as far as I know you don’t need he letter of...
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    Process Question - Just Need Clarification

    Make sure you have your transcripts uploaded to usajobs as you’ll need to submit those to provide experience.
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    Random Question Regarding Time Off

    Save some change of station leave.
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    You can easily have a couple weeks off. 8 change of station days. 1-3 travel days. PTO (4 days). Weekends don’t count. And then you can ask for additional unpaid time and if they aren’t waiting for you to get into a class they will probably approve it.
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    Average length of time at Academy for OTS En Route

    Bruh this thread is from 2012.
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    Conditional Security Clearance Denied

    Not sure about the security clearance, but you may have a hard time getting your medical with that DUI.
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    4/19 Enroute Basics

    Some of the places like Kims will take CC so you can get a ton of rewards points. She also is set up as lodging so I get triple points on travel so I'm getting like 15000 free points while im here.
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    INFO NEEDED! Applying for Open Bid 2018

    Resume means nothing. You just need to prove you meet the qualifications. Then you will take the BIO-Q and if you pass you'll continue and if you fail you won't