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  1. ineedatc

    1/6/2012 Enroute Basics

    Does anyone else have this date? OTS PUBNAT5 ZAU
  2. ineedatc

    FAA Chicago Building

    FYI, here is the FAA building for those of us who will be driving there ourselves. I drove past this building at least 6 times, even though they had a blue car level sign (says "department of transportation") out front. I did NOT think it was the right places. For goodness sake it looks like a...
  3. ineedatc

    Visited ZAU

    Visited level 12 I want this job. Ugh!!! It sucks to not have any control over this process or have the chance to take the test again or rewind four or five years and get my CTI. Everyone was really nice. I did not expect that. They were all willing to help and explain, which I didnt expect...
  4. ineedatc

    Geo Preferences for PUB 5 & 6 have been sent

    I have not looked at it yet..but it is here. I know this is but one small step, but I need to know what is what asap.
  5. ineedatc

    References for ATC Employment

    Some people are worried about the drug test. Not a problem for me. Never did an illegal drug in my life (being female, i would much rather have a hair sample taken, than to piss in a cup.) Some are worried about prior convictions, etc. Well, I have only minor traffic violations on my record...