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  1. RomeoNovember

    Published Fix Before IAF/IF

    Can someone please explain to me what we can and cannot do with a fix before the IAF on a published approach? I understand these fixes are flight check to join the approach and can be used to fly however what's the difference between the procedures when giving an approach clearance. I can't find...
  2. RomeoNovember

    Who's VOTING Today?

    Don't forget your NATCA member number and PIN that should've came in the mail.
  3. RomeoNovember

    New Mexico ZAB

    ZAB - Facility Swap Request
  4. RomeoNovember

    First New ERR Panel Deadline 2/10/16

    Brothers and Sisters, The National Centralized ERR Process Team (NCEPT) is scheduled to conduct the first round of National ERR selections the week of February 29, 2016. Given the logistics of the process, only ERR submissions that are on file as of February 10, 2016, will be considered for...
  5. RomeoNovember

    Shift Change Request

    We are required 2 openers, a sub closer, and closer., min staffing is 4 for the entire day. Any staffing over this is approved for AL. We have 9 CPC, so pretty much on any given day we have 6 or 7 CPC in rotation. The problem we're having with management is requesting a shift change. The other...
  6. RomeoNovember

    Promotion-Release Date

    Can any FacRep shed some light on the release date process? I'm a CPC going from a level 5 to a 10. I received my TOL with a 14 month release date! I've heard so many different rumors. Is there a 90 or 180 day rule about holding someone with a promotional opertunity? The result of my current...
  7. RomeoNovember

    The 2min Position Relief?

    I've look in the .65 everywhere for the 2min relief briefing rule. Some people say "2mins and their initials" on a recorded line, after the controller position briefing. Some say just their initials, some say just 2mins. Is it required to say the previously stated, out loud and/or does it have...
  8. RomeoNovember

    Do People Fail Tower in OK?

    I always hear about people stressing over the enroute PV. I have not heard much about tower. Do a lot of people fail tower in OK? If so, what are the reasons? What should I study before arriving in OK? Is there a tower map that we need to memorize?
  9. RomeoNovember


    I just got offered St.Thomas! Any advice would be great! I have 2 children and 2 dogs.
  10. RomeoNovember

    Cambridge Landing

    Did anyone ever stay here, 8800 South Drexel Oklahoma City, OK 73159? $560 a month for a 4 month lease! Almost 2/3 the price of other FAA housing! I figure about $6500 for the complete family stay in OK at the higher end FAA housing. $2240 for a 4 month lease at this place, how can you go...
  11. RomeoNovember

    Extended Stay?

    Did anyone ever stay at an "Extended Stay Hotel" in OK area? 34.99 a night is not bad. Almost half the cost of some family FAA housing. Comments Please!
  12. RomeoNovember

    Why do some people fail the academy?

    Do people fail because they're lazy, not care, didn't study hard enough, not practice enough? Any advice to the people that are going to the academy in the future would be a great help!
  13. RomeoNovember

    What would you do if..... failed the academy? I know this is a touchy subject however it is reality and we all need to realize some of us are going to walk down that road. How would you tell your family? What is your plan B? Does anyone know the academy failing statistics?
  14. RomeoNovember

    Memorial Day 2012

    I wanted to wish you all a happy and safe Memorial Day! How are you spending your weekend? Tell a story about someone you knew who gave their life and died for this country, if you have one. My grandfather didn't die, however he was a POW for 18 months in Germany during WW2, which I think...
  15. RomeoNovember

    Midway Operational Error

    What do you guys think happened? Report Points To Controller Error In Near Collision At Midway CBS Chicago
  16. RomeoNovember

    Did you Network?

    Did you network? If so, how(called, email, or tour)? How many facilities? Please vote!
  17. RomeoNovember

    Should I bring the wife and children to FAA academy?

    Any advice on weather it would be a a good or bad idea to bring the family while going through the academy? Will they be a help or a distraction? I would really like to hear the pros and cons on this question!
  18. RomeoNovember

    Geo Pref. for OCT. 2011?

    Yes another poll...Please pick your geo. preference states for this October panel. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE!
  19. RomeoNovember

    Automatic Submission and 5/31/12?

    I have an alert next to my CTI job announcement that says "Automatic Submission", did anyone else get the same? Does this mean that my app was pulled for Oct. panel? Why did the close date change?
  20. RomeoNovember

    What year did you apply?

    I would like to do a poll on the year you applied and if you have been selected or not. PLEASE do NOT vote if your Q, only vote if your WQ. Thank you! If your going to be eligible to apply this year 2011, after 9/30/11, please do NOT vote. Thank you! Did any of you guys that applied in 2011...