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  1. apegler

    Utah ALB

    ALB - Facility Swap Request
  2. apegler

    None trainee dress code at the academy

    I am going to be attending the academy November 26th-December 7th for training on how to build the new ERAM simulator problems. Does anyone know the dress code for me and what is the current dress code at the academy? I'm and CPC at ZLC so if any of you have questions about the enroute training...
  3. apegler

    FAA academy classes for college credit

    I am just wondering if anyone knows any information on the college credit option for the faa classes. I remember when I was at the academy they briefly said something about the classes we take might be eligible for college credit transfers.
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    Does anyone know how bad N90 really is. I find TRACON really interesting and just wanted to know if all the rumors about N90 are true, horrible washout rate and such...
  5. apegler

    Leaving from Albany NY December 26th

    I'm going to copy another post on here. I'm leaving from Albany NY on December 26th and heading out to Oklahoma. Going to need to stop, not really big on driving for a full day. Any ideas where I should stop or wierd things to look out for. I went to school in Buffalo and thats about as far...
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    Salt Lake Center - ZLC

    Just was wondering if anyone has any information about the Salt Lake Center. Hows the life there? Anything I should be looking out for as a newbie when I get there? :willy:
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    Hey Hows it Going

    I just wanted to stop in and say hello. I currently live in Schenectady NY. I got a score of 98.8 on my AT-SAT and amd starting the academy on December 29th. After that I will be going to Salt Lake Center. Just want to give a thank you to everyone who posts and maintains this site. It has...
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    FAA facility levels

    FAA Facility Levels - Locality Percentages anyone know where I can get a list of the FAA facility levels?