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    2013 Faa Pay Scales

    Since we will be getting raises with the rest of the federal workforce I'm planning on not getting a raise and if I do it'll be a nice surprise. I'm just happy to not get laid off / contracted out / pay cut.
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    AWS makes it significantly better! :) I still haven't done one yet though. Plan to hopefully within a couple months.
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    Current & former air traffic controllers! - Grad survey

    re: Current & former air traffic controllers! - Grad survey Operational Errors no longer exist as of next week.
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    Incident at GPT

    The reason this made me think he should have done an ATSAP is because if he had done it within in the timeline as to not get it denied by the ERC he could have simply admitted he made a mistake and no punitive action would have taken place. Instead now he has to lie saying he didn't know he had...
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    Incident at GPT

    Why do we have a job then? You're an idiot.
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    Incident at GPT

    Yikes. We are all bound to make mistakes in this career but trying to lie and deceive your way out of something just won't work. Besides multiple people involved in every incident EVERYTHING we do is recorded. Let this be a lesson in support of ATSAP reporting.
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    Demographics and hiring

    What does a civil war era ship have to do with FAA hiring?
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    Coalition? I don't even know what you're referring to.
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    Radar ATC video

    So intense. I think I'll stick to the cab.
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    Probationary Period

    It's very simple. The FAA can fire you for ANY reason. It's their way to be able screen if they want you in the agency or not. Even if you do well in training but they don't think you're agency material they will let you go.
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    Terminal to Center?

    Last I heard HR isn't dealing with facility swaps prior to or at the Academy anymore. I think there are so many people willing to do the job they feel like you can take what you've got or 100 others behind you in line would be glad to take it for you.
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    Tower CPC to Center?

    This is all great information. Thanks a lot everyone!
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    Tower CPC to Center?

    So just out of curiosity... What happens to somebody that makes CPC at an FAA tower then transfers to a center only to fail out of the training? Does the FAA keep you employed and send you back to a different tower or are they allowed to fire you at that point? PS. Just for the record I'm not...
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    what is the FAA website for staffing levels?

    Re: FAA Site? There are also "Facility Data Sheets" available for all FAA facilities but getting to them is extremely convoluted and ridiculous.
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    Faa + ANG = Bad Idea?

    Thanks a lot for the information!! And as far as I'm concerned serving my country by flying... Dang... Definitely worth a little annual leave. Thanks again!
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    Faa + ANG = Bad Idea?

    It's convenient that this topic was brought up because I've been contemplating the ANG lately as well. I'd only be applying to fighter wings though for pilot slots. The odds of getting selected are very low but I've told myself if I never at least try I'll be disappointed. My question is: If I...
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    Are CTI schools fair?

    One of the moderators on here posted all the actual details of what the hiring panel sees, etc. He also said that if a Q is selected in a state that has WQ applicants that were NOT selected there must be a written reason that the WQs were not selected first. Not to rain on your parade or...
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    Removed from employment consideration?

    The budget crisis didn't have an impact on ATO. The furloughs were for employees paid by the airport operations fund (that's not the technical name of the branch).
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    Fail The Academy?

    I have no reason at all to lie about the experience I had. It happened. He made some kind of mention about Ferraris (assumably because of my avatar). Don't believe it. I couldn't care less. But DON'T tell ME what did or did not happen in my life. Thanks! As far as the heartbreak of losing this...
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    New to stuckmic.....hoping for a little guidance

    This. Either your program was a joke and/or you weren't very responsible getting through it. Get the ATSAT done as soon as you possibly can. Then plan to wait through many hiring panels. The best advice that is ever given on this site is to start a career elsewhere while always putting your...