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  1. daveozzie999

    Tower CPC to Center?

    So just out of curiosity... What happens to somebody that makes CPC at an FAA tower then transfers to a center only to fail out of the training? Does the FAA keep you employed and send you back to a different tower or are they allowed to fire you at that point? PS. Just for the record I'm not...
  2. daveozzie999

    FEGLI Coverage Question

    Hey everybody. I've tried searching through the OPM's information briefly but not very thoroughly then decided I'd just ask on here to see if anyone can more quickly reference it for me than me blindly searching. Is a death due to a motorcycle accident or airplane accident covered or do there...
  3. daveozzie999

    Rock Concert Friday!!

    Hey folks. Anybody planning to go to the Avenged Sevenfold, Three Days Grace, Bullet for my Valentine show this Friday at the Zoo Amphitheater? I really want to go but it sucks going alone. I'll probably go anyway but just curious if anybody else from the Academy was going.
  4. daveozzie999

    SRS/Wake Turbulence Separation Help

    Hey guys. Does anybody know of any forms or tables that help with same runway and wake turbulence separation memorization. Looking through the 7110 and the Academy handbook is very meticulous. When we briefly went over this in school my teacher had a presentation that made it look easier to...
  5. daveozzie999

    Government Shutdown Effects

    Back when I was verbally given my class date for April 20 (have since received my FOL) I asked how the current budget situation may affect my class date and my HR rep said "I wouldn't worry about it." I didn't specify that I meant what a government shutdown would do to my class date but about...
  6. daveozzie999

    Question about FERS

    I'm guessing this will be discussed at the Academy but I'm kind of curious about it. When looking through all of the paperwork I have to do on EODS and reading about benefits I'm a bit confused. FERS is mentioned but really only when referring to the TSP matching. Is the FERS program I'm brought...
  7. daveozzie999

    Bad Hiring News

    Here is the response I got from my HR rep today after emailing him asking him when I should expect to get my FOL: "We are waiting on the air traffic organization to give us the go-ahead to extend the firm offer letters. As soon as that happens I'll have yours out to you. In the mean time, in...
  8. daveozzie999

    Moving Expenses

    For anybody that has gone through the process of reimbursement of moving expenses to/from the academy I am curious of your opinion on if you think they will pay to ship a motorcycle or not...? If this sounds like a dumb question no need to bash. I just have no idea. Thanks!
  9. daveozzie999

    Security Clearance Contact

    Hey everybody. I'm super frustrated. People I know are already getting class dates and my security clearance references haven't even been contacted. I want to know if anybody has a number I can call to see where my clearance is getting hung up or if they even received my info. Thanks in advance!
  10. daveozzie999

    Selected 2010 & Referred New States 2011

    I was selected last fall and this year I figured I'd still get my name back in CTI again just in case and picked my home state (again like last year) and a new state besides the one I was selected for last year. Last year my home state didn't have a referral list, this year they do. Now I...
  11. daveozzie999

    TOL w/facility name vs. w/o facility name

    Does anybody know what the difference is between those of us that received the three letter identifier as part of the filename for our TOLs and those that only know the state without any indication of which facility? Is it just that some HR reps want to tell give you a hint without making it...
  12. daveozzie999

    "TOL Listing This Office" email???

    Hey everybody. I just got an email this morning asking for me to respond whether I was prior military or not and if so fill out some forms. I responded that I wasn't and he responded back quickly thanking me for the quick response. Here is an excerpt from the email with the subject "TOL Listing...
  13. daveozzie999

    Private Message Problem!

    Hello. Is anybody else having problems sending private messages the last couple days? I've tried using multiple browsers and it doesn't work through any of them. Safari just shows a blank page when I try sending something and Google Chrome says something like "server error." Any help or hearing...
  14. daveozzie999

    Still Not Scheduled Interview...?

    Hey. Has anybody else out there still not heard from their interviewing facility about setting up a time? I don't want to call and bug them just yet so I just wanted to see how many others were in the same boat. I am selected in California and supposed to be interviewing at MIC (Crystal, MN).
  15. daveozzie999

    St. Cloud State University

    Easy choice. We have the author of the green book most of you used to study for your AT-SAT teaching at our school. He is seriously the man.
  16. daveozzie999

    Facilities with best odds...

    So I figured I better start figuring this out sooner rather than later so I don't have to rush it when the deadline gets near. It is my understanding that after the AT-SAT the next phase is getting your geo-pref email. I am trying to figure out what facilities would give me the best odds of...
  17. daveozzie999

    A Conundrum?

    Well I was starting to think about this and couldn't really figure it out so I'm asking the opinion of you fine folks. I am currently in the waiting for AT-SAT date for PUBNAT8 and thinking about qualifications of people applying for the job. I have described in another post that although I...
  18. daveozzie999

    Scheduling/Seniority, etc.

    I toured ZMP probably about 3 or 4 months ago before I was truly considering going the ATC route and asked a general question about how they're scheduled and the way she made it sound is that ATCers work 5 day/40 hour weeks and that they are rotating shifts (it that's the correct term for a...
  19. daveozzie999

    CTI vs. OTS Hiring

    Hello there! This is my first post on here though I've been reading for a while. Before I ask my question I'll first describe my situation a bit. I am going to be a senior this fall at St. Cloud State University and I was planning on getting a Professional Flight emphasis on my Bachelor of...