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  1. ballakc


    Went to see an oral surgeon for pain in my jaw area, he prescribed me Robaxin. I didn't even fill the prescription because upon Googling it, it sounds like some stuff I shouldn't be taking. Will I still be allowed to exercise the privileges of my Class 2, if I take Robaxin?
  2. ballakc

    Official Info Regarding DUIs and Medicals

    I've commented on here before based on my experience with this issue. But here is some official information with the timeframe and BAC rules. Hope this helps! Let...
  3. ballakc

    Any RVA Tower Openings? Anybody currently in an RVA Tower?

    I know the deal about checking the RVA website, and I applied to ALL the positions in the drop down menus, it took forever. But anyone in here currently in a facility, that can give me a heads up? I'm a Midwest tower controller w/ 10+ years experience. 3 CTOs under my belt, and well versed...
  4. ballakc

    Contract Tower Funding/Closure

    Mr Church, I'm not sure if its a "union related" question, so I apologize in advance if it isn't. I'm a Natca dues paying member, and a contract tower controller. I work for Midwest ATC, and all the other controllers at my tower are Natca members. This talk this last month of the...
  5. ballakc

    Midwest ATC & Natca

    I posted this in an earlier "atc chatter" thread, but wanted a little more clarification from Natca. I work in a Midwest ATC Contract Tower. All the controllers here are dues paying NATCA members. About a month ago, there was a NATCA vs Midwest ATC memo, regarding health insurance, in our...
  6. ballakc

    Midwest Controllers please read...

    I know this will be moved to the appropriate forum, but I just wanted to get good visibility real quick. Did any other controllers get this in tower read and initial file? It was an official looking thing from NATCA, and it said NATCA vs Midwest ATC regarding our medical insurance. It was...
  7. ballakc

    MIDWEST ATC Tower Locations

    I apologize in advance for doing a general post, I'm sure this will be moved accordingly. Just wanted more people to see it, seems like the Contract Tower forum has very little traffic. Anyways, Does anybody know where I can find a list of all Towers staffed by Midwest ATC? I'm a Midwest...
  8. ballakc

    Midwest ATC 401k Question

    Does anybody know if Midwest contributes or matches any money toward our 401k? I've been checking my 401K on the Transamerica Retirement website, but can't see if Midwest contributes any $ toward it. I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't, but just wanted to know. Thanks in advance for any info.
  9. ballakc

    Midwest atc medical insurance

    I'm employed with Midwest ATC for about the last year and half. Apparantly our fringe money (the extra money per hour, I can't mention the exact amount on here publicly because its "proprietary"), but the extra per hour for medical benefits, is being put into a system that doesnt exist. You...
  10. ballakc

    Dui in 2006

    In 2000, when I was 20 years old I blew a .04 and was cited with a "minor operates a motor vehicle with a BAC above .02" In 2006 I had a DUI and blew a .22 In 2009 I had a class 2 flight physical, and REPORTED BOTH INCIDENTS on the form and told the examining AME. He gave me my Class 2. I...