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    Iraq ATC

    Talked to the KBR recruiter yesterday and sat on the conference call today. Apparently they are actively recruiting...
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    Contract Tower Job in Hawaii

    The job's filled - by one of the forum members that replied early on... I'm out on the 13th and he's in! Good luck!
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    VFR practice approach phraseology

    If vectoring to final, I always used #1, simply replacing the "A" in PTAC with "Maintain VFR".
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    Contract Tower Job in Hawaii

    The job's open in mid-September, and I think it will be filled immediately. Jobs are filled here and at the other towers handled by the company as they open, there's no rotation or set contract period. PM me if you'd like an e-mail address to send a resume to for any potential openings after...
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    Contract Tower Job in Hawaii

    I very sincerely doubt that.
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    Contract Tower Job in Hawaii

    Sorry if you mistake direct honest answers for rudeness. I guess you would prefer: -Company housing on the beach with maid service, no charge -$20,000 relocation allowance -4 hour work day, on staff masseuse Except that would be bullshit. And.... why should I spend a minute out of MY day...
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    Am I employable?

    I am 52, though I retired from the FAA in 3/08, my last tower experience was in 1996. They hired me without hesitation.
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    Contract Tower Job in Hawaii

    PM me, I can give you my phone #.
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    Contract Tower Job in Hawaii

    Opening in mid-September. Slow VFR tower. Pays $33/hr, four 10-hour days a week. You need a control tower operator license, minimum of six months experience, and a current Class II medical. PM me for the-down-and dirty.
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    Middle East Jobs

    Air Traffic Controllers required for long fixed term contracts (3-5 years)- Middle East. Current licences required include Approach Radar and Area Radar / Procedural Control.The positions will include supervisory / mentoring duties. Commercial but not military experience will be recognised...
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    Help! I lost my pink card.

    I got no clue. They were made up locally, I'd guess if you are gone, the local facility will have no record of you and be unable to help. Safeguard all your paperwork, folks, you never know when it will come in handy to whip out a "pink card" or whatever.
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    When can you collect your retirement pay

    Retirement pay starts the first of the month following the month you retire... so you want to retire on the last day of a month. It takes them 6-8 weeks to get it started, but you get back pay to that first of the month date. I retired on the 29th of February, 2008.
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    Whats it look like when you mess up?

    It looks like this when we mess up: Or like this:
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    Help! I lost my pink card.

    The FAA pink card is a record of radar ratings: I really don't know if the new green enroute card replaces it for center dudes or not...
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    Visual Approach..Vfr on go-around?

    And tell #1 to relay his arrival time through #2 if you don't have radio comms him on the ground. Saves waiting for a phone call, working his way through the FSS system, etc.
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    Operational Priority 2-1-4

    Interesting to review the list. In my career I have never worked f, g ,h, or i. All the rest at one time or other I've seen. Fortunately they've never conflicted... except a couple of lifeguard King Airs one night.
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    I was dispatch manager for a small 121 operator for a year. Still on board as a part-time dispatcher.
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    Weight and Balance

    Are you talking about your ops specs or your ops manual? Our ops manual addresses it, but we just have one weight.... pax are 184, pilots 180 and FAs 135.
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    Center Controllers wanted in Germany

    I was interested in going overseas myself at one time. I gathered up a bunch of links to employment sites, I check now and then, I just thought I'd post them for anyone interested.
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    Denison, TX - L3 Communications

    Click here for details Job Description: Duties and Responsibilities: Serves as air traffic controller in the control tower facility. Provides safe orderly and efficient flow of air traffic within the vicinity of the airport in accordance with local and FAA procedures and directives. Provides...