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  1. mikefsfr

    Nevada LAS

    LAS - Facility Swap Request
  2. mikefsfr

    Saving Pay.

    Question, lets keep it to the guys who know what they are talking about please. CPC at an 11. ERR to a 7 ( which takes you to below the band). If i went to the 7, certified and went back to a facility that was within the 11 payband do I go back to the 11 pay? More simply, if i CPC 11 do i keep...
  3. mikefsfr

    Err ane/ new england region

    I CPC'd a bit back and submitted a landslide of all ERR'S. Every human resource division I've contacted has been great but the New England region sends me directly to a voicemail and never calls back. Anyone have this issue or know the fax number to send it into? I know its a long shot but its...
  4. mikefsfr

    Central Florida Tracon- F11

    Just looking for info on this place, seems really hard to find any information about F11. All I know is that its in orlando and a level 11. Anyone work there, tour there....anything?
  5. mikefsfr

    life at a level 12

    I'm nearing CPC at an up down level 6, and can not wait to move up in the world. I was just wondering how you CPCs at these busy 10-12 facilities enjoy the job. I'll be saving level 8 pay at my level 6, but that doesn't mean much to me. How is it working that level of traffic everyday ? Do you...
  6. mikefsfr

    Intestinal Resection

    Hello Dr, I recently had an intestinal resection and they had to remove part of my large intestine ( the cecum to be exact ). My Gastro surgeon promises a full recovery. Do you see any reason the FAA would withhold my medical? Thanks in advance.
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    Have spoken to people about low sex drive and overall laziness. Is testosterone an option?
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    Pilots being tools.

    After hearing 4 stories about pilots treating controllers like pure shit on fam trips, its kinda getting to me now. From pilots telling the controller conducting the fam trip to not speak unless an emergency, or summoning the controller to to coach- it really chaps my ass. I'd love to hear other...
  9. mikefsfr

    Daily training times.

    Gotten kind of ugly at my place of employment. For all developmental's, and CPC-IT'S, how much training do you get on a daily basis? Do they ever call in overtime for training? Does one person calling in for sick-leave cancel training for the entire facility for the day? Trying to get my ducks...
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    Dipsey doodle.

    A few controllers at work have been busting my balls about not knowing a former ATC related term or procedure known as a dipsy doodle. Does anyone know what this was lol? If they are busting my shoes they really succeeded.
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    Chewing tobacco

    Any rules or regs against chewing on position?
  12. mikefsfr

    North Las Vegas - VGT

    Anyone out their have any pertinent info on training, operation or any information having anything to do with North Las Vegas?Downgraded from a 7-6?
  13. mikefsfr

    NATCA updates.

    Just checking in how often the NATCA reloaded site is updated? Noticed not all the current facility reps listed are the ones presently holding the position. I would not want to contact the wrong person and bug them for no reason, I appreciate your time tremendously, and was hoping to find a...
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    09/16/11 Tower

    Anybody? Either staying at Isola or candlewood suites.
  15. mikefsfr

    Touring facilities your slated for

    Any good bad or indifferent information of previous experiences of touring the facility you are slated to attend? Just curious cause I'm gonna regardless.
  16. mikefsfr

    March Panel TOL's

    Anyone else finish their interview and are eagerly awaiting a TOL? Regardless, post when you receive your TOL and it'd be cool to track everyones progress. Cheers.
  17. mikefsfr


    Found out I am KSYR bound, would love to find out who works their, and what to expect. Any trollers' or people with info on this facility I would love for you to chime in, cheers!:motor2::motor2::motor2::motor2::motor2::motor2::motor2::motor2::motor2::motor2:
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    NY status updates.

    My final hope, NY. Any rejections or people still alive out their? Figured we could help eachother out and every ther state already has it's own thread. Cheers.
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    FAA & Raytheon Budget

    I know this past week was a critical time for the FAA and Raytheon as they have been working out a budget for the year under the ATCOTS contract. I was wondering if anyone out there had and insight on the results of the negotiatons. I know they have not been issuing start dates for any RPOs due...
  20. mikefsfr

    Next Job Announcement

    For everyone who got denied this past October panel, and totally hate everyone whining about not immediately getting there TOL so they can hurry up and wait(kidding people, I'll admit I'm 1,000% percent jealous), I got word from an ATM the next announcement will be opening on January 3rd. I'm...