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  1. BoRn2CoNtRoL

    WHen Can You Join Natca

    CAn you Join while your still in School in OKC?
  2. BoRn2CoNtRoL

    Tracon school study material

    If anyone has some study material or any tips to prepare for tracon school would be nice!!!!
  3. BoRn2CoNtRoL

    Class Date

    How Far Out CAn You Get A Class Date??? I still have alot of time left in the navy got accepted all my paperwork is done my clearances came back and still have 10 months left in the military!!!!
  4. BoRn2CoNtRoL


    Can You get a FOL with out a class date or before you get out the Military?
  5. BoRn2CoNtRoL


    anyone else that previously used eqip having login troubles??? i currently have a clearance and im in the navy and no one can figure out how to get me in the eQIP system right now?
  6. BoRn2CoNtRoL

    Waiting On TOL

    Anyone who went traditional got there TOL this week? Just sent back a bunch of paper work and im still waiting...
  7. BoRn2CoNtRoL

    I got my email....

    email from tha FAA?? i posted this to see if anyone got an email yet..... im still waiting...
  8. BoRn2CoNtRoL

    After the refferal list then what

    i checked my app on the 25 it said this: Date Questionnaire Submitted: 4/20/2009 11:04:52 AM Referral list FA-AAC-09-20608: Issued on 04/21/2009 for the Throughout New York duty location at the AT-AG grade/payband. Your application is among those being reviewed by the office with announcement...