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  1. cucciarre

    4/30/2012 Terminal

    Anyone else?! I see there isn't a thread with that date on here yet and I just received it yesterday! Heading to Ohio!
  2. cucciarre

    Anyone get an FOL yet??

    I keep obsessively checking my email and my phone!
  3. cucciarre


    Just curious if they will contact everyone I listed on e-qip. I have a hard time getting ahold of a few of my previous employers, so I'm hoping that doesn't hold me back. Everyone else I've been able to contact to give a heads up to. Any input will be helpful! Thanks! :cheers:
  4. cucciarre

    Mmpi ii

    It's been six days since I got my TOL and everything has been taken care of except this psych exam. I've been given a phone number for JH (Detroit) and have been calling him since I got my TOL. yesterday he calls me back and says he's not the one who schedules them and the guy that does was...
  5. cucciarre

    Ohio Selectees

    KMFD for me, anyone else know where they're going?
  6. cucciarre

    Anyone else applying for Ohio?

    Just curious since I'm not seeing a lot of OH on the "which states did you pick" threads!
  7. cucciarre

    Waiting in Bar Harbor, ME

    Is anyone in the area?? It'd be cool to meet up with someone who is playing the waiting game up here! I'm here until November!
  8. cucciarre

    Is there a list of facility ATMs?

    I'm trying to find a list of the ATMs, which I'm not sure exists (but would be extremely nice!) I looked on but it just lists the airport manager. If anyone has a link, or know nothing this helpful exists, let me know! Thanks!