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    Allentown, PA - ABE

    Does anyone here work there?
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    Joining Reserve, with a twist...

    I know all about people already being in the Reserves/Guard or joining after being employed with the FAA. What I have not seen, and what I am contemplating, is veterans going into the Reserves/Guard, after they have started their military time buy-back. I was just at my brother's commissioning...
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    CSX just posted TD openings in Nashville, Atlanta, Florence, Baltimore and Huntington, WV.
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    Training failure w/PCS money

    I was just curious if anyone knows what happens if you get picked up on a bid with PCS expenses and you wash. You have return rights to the extent possible, so do you have to give back the move money and move back on your own dime? Do they pay to move you back? I guess this would be a bigger...
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    PCOF: house hunting leave

    I'm pretty well versed with the Red Book, but I'm hoping someone else knows it better than me. Is house hunting leave granted for voluntary permanent change of facility that is not associated with an announcement or any authorized PCS expenses?
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    Augusta - AGS

    Anyone there?
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    predictions, prophecies, conspiracy theories

    Given the state of our economy and the fact that the FAA would love to contract out ATC, what do you think the future holds for air traffic? Thinking long term, I don't think landing a gubment job is as rock-solid as it used to be. If the FAA were to ever contract out a lot of the lower...
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    Happy Memorial Day....

    weekend. We all need to take a moment and remember those who put it all on the line so this site isn't in German, or any other language other than American English. Even all of you anti-war tree-hugging maoist nazi's need to be thankful. We (or at least I) salute you...
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    Article 42 vs. Article 99

    Since they use a very similar process, do you know why the 3 level up rule was removed from Article 42 ERR, but not for Article 99 Hardship Transfer?
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    Any AK AFSS people here?

    Just curious if we had any members here that work or have worked flight service in AK.
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    NORDO departure out of Class C

    Say you have an HXA with no radio/transponder who wants to depart the Class C and will remain below the Class C shelf outside of the tower's 5mi radius. Would you allow it?
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    If a developmental left the agency prior to the White book developmental paybands and just recenlty came back into the agency, should their pay be at the AG level or to the equivelant D-scale level from when they left?
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    RF a strip

    Quick question. Is there a certain time between when you remove a dupe and when the airplane takes off that dictates whether or not you need to arts force it?
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    NATCA Dues

    Did the dues % change with the new contract? Will dues reimbursement end Jan 1, 2010 or will it continue until 2012?
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    AK AFSS opening: Current/Former FAA

    Just thought I'd throw it out there that there are 4 openings for AFSS in AK. Two in Dillingham and two in Kenai. You have to be current or former FAA.
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    Pay Calendar

    I know my last facility printed/posted a pay calender, I was wondering if anybody had one. My main question though, where are we in the pay cycle? I start Monday and wondering how long until I get paid. It would be sweet to be in the middle so I don't have to wait AS long to see some $$.
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    Int'l Air Traffic Control Employment

    This thread will become a database on employment requirements for ATC in other countries outside of the US. Right now, the following foreign ATC organizations are listed: NAV Canada Eurocontrol NATS If there is any information you would like to add or if you have a request for another...
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    Short write-up on ATC

    Some might find it helpful/informative...I dunno. I Am an Air Traffic Controller
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    AFSS wins union!

    LockMart AFSS employees have won the right to representation by the IAM. Congrats!! The union lost by a split decision with a few contested votes by LM last year. Of course, LM will contest this time, but from what I've heard, it will be to no avail. Of course, this comes a day late and a...
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    Valdosta Regional - VLD

    I just received this e-mail stating Valdosta has pulled out of the FCT program. Does anyone know about this? It sounds as though they went to the city/county rather than back to the FAA. Any info? To whom it may concern: You have recently submitted an application for employment to Robinson...