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    How Can I Prep for the Academy? (en Route)

    Besides reviewing the information given in the AT Basics link given in the TOL, how else can I prep for the en route part of the academy? Thank you for your help
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    Terminal CTI Graduate. En Route TOL

    Graduated from a CTI school through Terminal program and received a TOL for En Route. Does this mean I am basically in the same boat as the off the street people going through the En Route program at the academy? Thank you for your help
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    Got TOL, Offered En Route. Can I Switch to Terminal?

    I recently received my TOL for En Route. Graduated CTI school through Terminal program. Is there any way I can switch my offer to Terminal? If I come off sounding selfish, I apologize. I am EXTREMELY thankful that I have been given this opportunity and I plan to make the very best of it...
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    Flight Progress Strips

    When reading flight progress strips, when do you say "direct"?